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Fred Harlan 


Harlan Family Association

The Harlan Family in America Association was formed in 1987 in conjunction with a national family reunion held in Delaware, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the immigration of George and Michael Harlan. The purpose of the organization is to document and perpetuate the history and genealogy of the family.

The primary activity of the family is the semi-annual publication of a newsletter called the Harlan Record. The newsletter serves as the means for communicating information about Harlan history, Harlan family members, and Harlan family activities. The Record also publishes inquiries for those doing research on their Harlan heritage.

Membership in the family organization is free but we encourage those who can afford to do so to send a yearly contribution.  Please send your contributions to:

The Harlan Family in America
P. O. Box 333
Pleasant Unity, PA 15676

Changes of address and additions to the mailing list may also be sent to this address or may be e-mailed to harlanfamilyinamerica@gmail.com.

The official Harlan Family Association archives are kept at the Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, Pennsylvania. Here can be found historical documents related to the family and materials from all of the family reunions.


Article I
Name, Headquarters, and Declaration of the Organization

  1. The organization shall be known as the Harlan Family in America.
  2. The headquarters of the organization shall be in the state of Pennsylvania.
  3. The purpose of the organization shall be to unite in common bonds the descendants of George and Michael Harlan, and Thomas Harland for the preservation of the Harlan Family; to perpetuate the Family heritage and genealogy; to identify, preserve and restore Harlan historical sites and items; to foster communication among Harlan descendants by all available means; and to create and promote activities to enable members of the Harlan Family to be responsible and productive citizens of the United States.
  4. Every member shall make every effort to promote the purpose of the organization.


Article II

  1. Membership is open to all Harlan descendants of George and Michael Harlan who established their homes in the Province of Delaware in 1687, or from their brother Thomas Harland of England.
  2. Other individuals whose surnames or ancestors’ surnames are Harlan or variations of the Harlan name (e.g. Harland, Harlin, Harlen, or Harlon) are eligible for membership.
  3. Any wife or husband of a descendant of George, Michael or Thomas shall be eligible for membership.
  4. Any individual who is interested in the history of the Harlan family in America and increasing the knowledge of the history and genealogy of Harlans through study or publication and supporting the preservation of Harlan historical sites and items, shall be eligible for membership. 


Article III

The organization shall be supported by voluntary donations from Harlan family members and other interested parties, and from proceeds of the sales of publications and other Harlan memorabilia.

Article IV
Officers and Meetings

  1. The elected officers of this organization shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The slate of officers shall be presented for election at the national reunion which will be held every five years.
  2. In addition to the elected officers, a board of directors consisting of at least five members will be appointed by a majority vote of the elected officers and established board members.
  3. The president, in consultation with the officers and board of directors, shall periodically convene business meetings in the interval between national reunions, when deemed appropriate for the purpose of conducting business, filling vacancies among the board of directors, preparing a slate of officers to be presented at national reunions, and determining action and activities to further the purposes of The Harlan Family in America. The officers and directors shall set the dates and places for national business meetings. 


Article V

Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.


Revised March, 2016


Harlan Family In America Officers


President: Pat Fluetsch
1003 Hamlet Ct
Stockton, CA 95209

Vice-President: Mary Harlan Murphy
664 Valley View Ln
Wayne, PA 19087

Secretary: Gerry Lundgren Harlan
2517 - 190th
Stanton, IA 51573

Treasurer: Robert A. Harlan
326 Firestone Road
Greensburg, PA 15601

Board of Directors
Nancy Harlan Gooding (GA)
Fred J. Harlan (PA)
Kurt Harlan (OR)
Mike Harlan (KY)
Robert R. Harlan (CA)
Peggy Harlan Hewitt (OH)
Dorothy Harlan Sperry (IA)
Robert C. Walters (PA)

Board Member Emeritus
Junior Harlan (AZ)
Tom Harlan (WA)
C. J. King (VT)
Ruth Harlan Lamb (MO)
Liz Harlan Sly (VA)

Board Member Eternal
Dan Harlan
John R. Harlan
Ridge Harlan
Virginia Harlan Hess

Harlan Family Association - Officers and Board Members Biographical Information

Pat Fluetsch
Robert A. Harlan
Kurt Harlan
Mike Harlan
Dorothy Harlan Sperry

Mary Harlan Murphy
Gerry Harlan Lundgren
Peggy Harlan Hewitt
Fred Jeffery Harlan
Robert R. (Bob) Harlan
Robert C. Walters

Former Harlan Family Association - Officers and Board Members

Joe Hannon
Junior Harlan
Ruth Harlan Lamb


Pat Harrison Fluetsch - President

Pat Harrison Fluetsch became involved with the Harlan Family Board in 2003 when she attended a planning meeting for the 2007 Reunion in Reno, Nevada. Pat ended up co-chairing Reunion 320 and became a board member in 2007. Through the urging of other board members and with the suppport of her husband, Mike, who passed away in 2013, Pat accepted the Presidency of our Association in 2012.

Pat has been interested in her Harlan family history since fourth grade when she heard stories from her Grandfather Leroy Harlan, about his father Elisha crossing the country as a 4 year old boy in the Harlan wagon train lead by her great, great grandfather George Harlan. She is proud to be in the fifth generation of "The Harlan Family in California." Pat spent over 32 years teaching young children. She also mentored new teachers and gave presaentaions on effective teaching strategies to teachers locally, statewide and nationally. In 1993 she was named her school district's teacher of the year.

Pat enjoys spending time with her family. Her son Chris, his wife Erika and their dauighters Helen and Clara live in Davis, Ca. Her daughter Sarah, her husband Ed and their sons Edward and Keegan live in Stockton, CA. She loves to travel, spend time with friends, and volunteer in her community.

Mary Harlan Murphy - Vice President

Mary’s paternal grandparents were both descendants of George Harlan. Her grandfather gathered much of the Chester County information on the early Harlans from County and Friends Meeting records and sent them to Alpheus Harlan for inclusion in the “Green Book”. So, to her, genealogy has been a life-long interest.

Mary was born in Pennsylvania and his lived in the area where the first Harlans settled all her life. After receiving a BA from Rosemont College and an MA from Villanova University , she taught Mathematics for 11 years before changing careers, going to Medical School and then practicing Emergency Medicine until retirement. Her husband, William Murphy, died after 40 years of wonderful marriage. Besides genealogy, Mary’s interests include travel, reading, cooking and involvement with her church community.

Gerry Harlan Lundgren - Secretary

Gerry Harlan Lundgren was born in upstate New York where she lived until age 16 with her parents, a brother, and a sister. After her parents died in a car accident, her father's brother and his wife finished raising Gerry and her sister. She was fortunate to have the chance to live with such a loving and stable family at a difficult time in her life. She was also fortunate to live on the family farm in the hills of Tennessee, which is an area full of family history.

This was the beginning of Gerry's fascination with her Harlan heritage. She enjoyed working with children and families in rural Iowa for over 30 years. Gerry retired in 2013 and has enjoyed spending more time with community activities, camping, hiking, riding horses, and reading. Gerry has enjoyed her work on the Harlan Family in America board and has attended and helped with reunions beginning with the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa reunion in 1997.

Gerry and her husband Dan have a daughter Christine and son-in-law Beau who live in Tokyo, Japan. Gerry and Dan live and farm in southwest Iowa where Dan grew up.

Robert A. Harlan - Treasurer

Bob has been a board member for The Harlan Family in America since 1999. He served as co-coordinator for the national Harlan reunion held in Brandywine Valley, in 2002. He was born and raised in Columbus. After graduating in 1966 with a BA degree from Central Methodist College in Fayette, Mo., he taught and coached at a junior high school in Ohio. He joined the U.S. Army in 1969 and spent the next twenty years at various assignments around the world, including two tours in Germany and one in Vietnam. He and his family flew from Germany to attend the 1987 national Harlan reunion in Delaware. After retiring he worked for the U. S. Post Office for several years and has been active with the National Ski Patrol. Today he enjoys his life as a grandfather and cares for numerous animals on their farm. Bob lives with his wife, Cindy, in Greensburg Pa. They have three children: Becky Shavel of Pennsylvania, who was Hospitality Chairman at the 2002 national Harlan reunion; Scott of Wisconsin; and Elizabeth of Virginia. They have two grandchildren, Nicholas and Julia Shavel.

Dorothy Harlan Sperry - Board Member

Dorothy Harlan Sperry came on the Board in 2011.   Dorothy’s father, James Udell Harlan, was born near and raised in Salisbury, MO.   After WWII, he moved the family from St. Louis, MO to Clarinda, IA, where Dorothy was born and grew up.  She graduated from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, with a B.S. in Institution Management—School Food Service.  As a Registered Licensed Dietitian, she worked as a Consultant Dietitian in small hospitals and long term care centers, had a private practice with a fellow dietitian, taught at two community colleges, and was a therapeutic dietitian in a medium security men’s prison. 

Dorothy has always had a strong interest in food and cooking, and her first duty with the Harlan Family organization was to plan and coordinate the meals for the national reunion held in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in 1997.  She has also compiled/edited both editions of the Harlan Family Favorite Recipes cookbooks.  Dorothy and her husband, Bob, live in Ames and Bob is a retired civil engineer.  They have two grown sons, a daughter, and 4 granddaughters, ranging in age from 8 months to 13 years.  In her free time, Dorothy enjoys reading, quilting, playing bridge, cooking for company, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Peggy Harlan Hewitt - Board Member

For as long as I can remember by Father cherished the Harlan family geneology papers handed down from his Mother, Mary Harlan. His father and brother were avid genealogists researching their Johnson family ties also. I was born in Philadelphia, Pa. and attended Friends Central School for High School, in that city. 

I graduated from Eastern University in St. Davids, Pa. with a degree in Psychology.  My first employment as an adult was at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, and then the Camden County, NJ. Welfare board as a social worker.  My husband, Bob, and I have two grown sons, and 5 grandchildren.

My interests in addition to family history include working for several charities, quilting, reading, golf, and bocce. We live now in Lebanon, OH.

Fred Jeffery Harlan - Board Member

Fred has been interested in Harlan history since a young age having been introduced to it by his grandfather David Franklin Harlan, who was raised in the western Pa. village of Harlansburg. David had a taped together paper family tree that took up most of the room when rolled out. Fred remembers many times studying that document.

With Jim and Sue Harlan, his uncle and aunt, already involved with the Harlan Family in America, Fred volunteered to take over maintaining the Harlan Family genealogy database from Ester Wells in 2006. The first reunion Fred attended was the 2007 Reno reunion, while many of his immediate family attended Reunion 300 in 1987. Being encouraged by Junior Harlan, Fred joined the Board in 2011. Fred currently helps as the website coordinator and still maintains the genealogy database.

After 40 years working at an electrical generating station Fred retired and started a new career supporting some software he learned at the power plant. He is extensively involved with the First Church of God in New Castle, Pa. and spends lots of time with his grandchildren, much of that at a court, a ballfield or camping in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Kurt Harlan - Board Member

Kurt became involved with the Harlan Association after discovering the extended Harlan family through genealogical research and first attended the 2002 reunion. He became a board member in 2004. He also holds the position of Technical Adviser on the Harlan website.

Kurt was born February, 1953, at Long Beach, California, a son of Paul and Doris Harlan. After high school, he received a Liberal Arts degree and hitchhiked around the US and Canada. While pursuing an AS degree in Energy Management in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Kurt discovered a gift for helping people with computers, and began working in the field of Information Technology doing technical support.

Kurt married Susan Robbins in June, 1999, in Portland, Oregon where they currently reside with their two dogs.

Mike Harlan - Board Member

Mike is the most recent addition to the Board, elected in June, 2019 after participating in two of the reunion planning sessions and Board meetings.

Mike's first encounter with family history was when his Dad took him to a Harlan mini-reunion in Houma, LA in 1979, where he was fascinated by a family Bible from his GGGF John Harland (#6828), who was born in KY but settled in LA. He went with his Dad to the Harlan 300 th Reunion in Philadelphia/Wilmington in 1987 and has been the family genealogist since then. Mike, his 3 children, one of his brothers, and one of his nephews attended the 2017 330th Celebration in Philadelphia. Mike is working on getting an even better turnout in Lexington in 2022!

Mike has lived many places but now calls Louisville, KY home. He is a business leader and has been CEO, President, etc. of several companies. He and his wife Sarah have 2 daughters and a son, who live in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. He is an active Scouting leader.

Robert R. (Bob) Harlan - Board Member

Robert R. (Bob) Harlan is a native Californian and is the son of the late Ridge Harlan, who is a Board Member Emeritus. Ridge had served as a founding member and President during the 1990's.

Bob attended the first reunion (actually number 300) in 1987 in Delaware and when Ridge stepped down from his President's position in 1998, Bob stepped in and served in that position until 2012. He continues to be an active board member today.

Bob graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from The University of Missouri-Columbia in 1977 and spent his career in managing and later owning radio stations. In 2014, he switched careers and became Executive Director of Yuba-Sutter-Colusa United Way in Yuba City, California.

Bob married his wife, Robyn, in 1976 and they have one son, Scott, who lives with his wife in Southern California, where he is an attorney.

Robert C. Walters - Board Member

Bob Walters became a board member in 2020. Bob’s mother, Louise Myers Harlan, descendent of Michael Harlan, was born in Stanton, DE, not far from where George and Michael originally settled. Although Louise was aware of the history of the Harlans in the U.S., she never had the opportunity to attend a national reunion. Unfortunate, because she would have loved to meet and come to know her many Harlan cousins. Bob attended the 2002 reunion with his family in Wilmington, DE which motivated him to learn more of the family history. Bob and his wife Denise joined the Harlan Tour of England and Northern Ireland in 2018 and count it among their best and most memorable trips.

Bob and Denise reside in Blue Bell, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. Bob worked for IQVIA, formerly IMS Health, for over 25 years, primarily in program and project management for product development. Denise works as a Data Base Administrator for Cerner. He and Denise are heavily involved in their church, First Presbyterian of Ambler and volunteer for several other local non-profits. They enjoy traveling, hiking, museums and especially, spending time with their adult children and other family.

Joe Hannon - Former Board Memeber

Joe Hannon was born in Vancouver, WA in 1936. His family moved to Redding CA when he was 12 years old.  He graduated from Shasta High School and the Community College in Redding.  Joe went to work in construction with the California Division of Highways (now Caltrans) the following Monday after graduating from High School.  He transferred to Sacramento in 1958 and completed his college courses at SacramentoStateUniversity, receiving BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering.   Joe is a licensed Civil and Geotechnical Engineer in CA.  He retired from Caltrans in 1997 after 41 years.

Joe met his wife LaRena in Redding and they were married while completing their studies at Sacramento State University.   They have a married son in San Francisco and a daughter in Sacramento.  They have four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, including a girl adopted from China.   Joe and LaRena have worked on family genealogy for over 30 years and attended their first reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and all reunions since then.  They both worked on the Reno reunion and Joe joined the association board following that reunion.  Joe is one of the few descendents of Thomas Harland that attend our reunions.

Junior Harlan - Board Member Emeritus

Junior became involved with the Harlan Family in America Association by attending the 300th national reunion in Delaware. After taking several Harlan trips, he became co-coordinator for the 315th national reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. At that event he was elected a member of the board, and later became Vice President and stepped down from that position at the San Antonio national reunion, but remained on the board until May, 2015.  He had also served as Genealogy Director and Website coordinator.

He was born July, 1936, at Peoria, Ill., a son of Harold and Mildred Hunkler Harlan. After high school, he graduated from Browns Peoria School of Business, majoring in business management. He was employed by Caterpillar Inc., retiring after 40 years of service in 1996 and moved to Scottsdale, Ariz. For most of his years at Caterpillar, he worked in Information Services. He had been active in Boy Scouts, serving as Cub Master.

"Junior married Dorothy McLaughlin in August, 1959, in Chillicothe, Ill., and they have two sons, David Harlan of Ariz. and Steven Harlan of Colo.

Ruth Harlan Lamb - Board Member Emeritus

Ruth attended one of Dan Harlan’s planning meetings prior to Celebration 300 in 1987 and has helped with national reunions in 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2012. She served as secretary of the Harlan organization from 1998 to 2007. After the editors of The Harlan Record resigned in 1999, Ruth volunteered to prepare and mail the newsletter twice a year until 2013.

Born in Kansas City, Mo., she has resided in nearby Independence since she was four years old. She received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Education from Central Missouri State University, with majors in art and instructional technology. After teaching elementary art for 30 years, she retired in 1991. Hobbies include calligraphy and lettering, as well as other arts and crafts. She volunteers at community agencies and does computer work for organizations and her church.

Ruth has a daughter, Kathy Brick of Overland Park, KS; a son, Mike Lamb of Basehor, KS; and five grandchildren


For additional information not included on this website please contact Fred Harlan.