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Date: 20 Nov 2006
From: Doug Boone <doug.boone@boonebooks.com>
Subject: Looking for descendants of George and Anna Harlan late of Marlin Texas

Just looking to recontact any surviving children of my Aunt Anna and Uncle

Can anyone help me find Zill Harlan born about 1942 in Regan?

Doug Boone, doug.boone@boonebooks.com

Date: 22 Oct 2006
From: Cynde Reedy <ckijr1224@yahoo.com>

Hello to all Harlan relatives,

I am researching my Gregg family and have come to a dead end. Then I began to wonder if the name "Harlan", which appears in our family as a given and middle name, could somehow have a connection to the Harlan family. I know this is a longshot, but I can't leave any "stone unturned!"

My GGGG-grandfather was James Gregg of Franklin Twp., Adams County, PA. He was born in Ireland and immigrated to the US where he married a woman named Elizabeth, but we do not know her surname.They had 4 children, James, Mary, Samuel, and John. His daughter, Mary "Polly" Gregg married Bannister Pool in Franklin Twp, Adams Cty, PA. They later moved to OH. This is where the Harlan name begins. I believe they named their oldest son, William Harlan, and he in turn named his son, Harlan L., who in turn, named his son Waldo Harlan, who named my father, Harlan J. This probably is just all co-incidence, but thought I would throw it out there to anyone who may be related to the Greggs and/or Harlan family.

If someone researching either of these families has come across these names in their geneaology research, please contact me. Thanks so much.

Cynde Reedy

Date: 21 Oct 2006
From: Mary Ann <maneal13@earthlink.net>
Subject: Old Harlan Graveyard, Union/Laurens, South Carolina

Hoping that some of my Harlan cousins have found this...desperately searching for OLD HARLAN GRAVEYARD, in Union/Laurens, South Carolina wherein is buried Aaron Harlan, #41 and his son Aaron, #194...hopefully with their wives.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to locate this old cemetery???

Aaron-41 was 1724 - 1798
Aaron - 194 was 1752 - 1806

contact Mary Ann at maneal13@earthlink.net

Date: 16 Oct 2006
From: JD Gammons <jeangammons@btinternet.com>
Subject: George Harland and Annie Jane Page

In December 2000, Beverley Josuttes-Harland posted a request for information about her ancestors, George Harland and Annie Jane Page of Chislehurst, Kent, England. Her Email address given then is no longer valid.

I would very much like to contact Beverley as I, too, am descended from George and Annie Harland and have a lot of information about the Harland and Page families.

Date: 9 Oct 2006
From: Tamar E. Petery <TamarPetery@aol.com>
Subject: Martha Thelma Harlan

Hi My name is Tamar Elizabeth Petery. My Mother Is Martha Thelma Harlan . Aaron Harlan was her father and his father was Aaron Wilbur Harlan. I have lost contact with my mom. Her brother was John Harlan from Big Sur, California. Lucia.

I am an Interpreter with the Deaf and I Moved to Virginia state 5 years ago. I currently work for the Prince William County School District.
If any one has any information regarding Martha Thelma Harlan, I would greatly appreciate contacting her to let her know she now has a second grandson named Aaron after her father. I would love for her to meet him someday.

My e-mail address is Tamarpetery@aol.com and/or Peteryte@pwcs.edu

I would appreciate any response , Thank You!
Tamar E. Petery ( maiden.. Richardson )

Date: 4 Oct 2006
From: Patty Harlan Pratt
Subject: George Marion Harlan

Thank you so much for this site. George Marion Harlan was my great grandfather, he migrated to california from texas (aaron Harlan his father) he married in texas a susie elizabeth klar I have not been able to locate her death info in california she had three sons, wilbur, glaude, roy 2 were born in california 1884 and 1886 after that nothing of her I have Georges info, homestead death, he is buried in Harlan cemetery on land his half brother Wilbur Judson Harlan homesteaded in lucia, santa cruz. I need to know death infor for susie I suspect it is between 1886 and 1900, have been searching for 5 years, sure would like some help on this.

Thank you, Patty Harlan Pratt
--- nanapratt@earthlink.net

Date: 4 Oct 2006
From: Tela Patterson <ldpknives@atlanticbb.net>
Subject: James M. Fairbairn

My name is Tela Patterson. I would like to get in touch with James M. Fairbairn who made a correction post about pg. 907 #10060 Margaret Emily Cornelia Wolf md Andrew Jackson Fairbairn.

thank you, Tela

Date: 4 Oct 2006
From: Ruth Harlan Lamb
Subject: The German Harlans

The book, The Harlans. Ways of a Huguenot Family by Ingrid Buchloh, is now available from the Huguenot Association in Germany. The book includes photos, maps, documents and genealogies from the 14th to the 20th centuries and is written in the German language.

Ingrid Buchloh studied history and the French language and was especially interested in her mother's family of Harlans. She has located Dresden Harlans and French Harlans, the latter having traced Harlan ancestry back to the 14th century. One of Ingrid's ancestors, Gottlieb Ephraim Harlan, met General Josiah Harlan, the first American in Afghanistan and featured in the book, The Man Who Would Be King by Ben MacIntyre. The meeting took place in Königsberg where Josiah stayed for some days before going to Russia.

She further states that In 1685, three Huguenot Harlan brothers left France. One went to South America, and later his descendants went to Philadelphia and became Quakers. The other two, including Buchloh's ancestor, went to Germany.

If interested in the Harlans of Germany, contact the Huguenot Association by e-mail: www.hugenotten.de . The price of the book is about $25.

Date: 18 Sep 2006
From: Lottie(Harland)Underwood
Subject: John Luther Harlan

Does anyone know of this man. John Luther Harlan, is my grandfather, but I don't know very much about him. He was born May 8, 1886 (where-?) and died March, 1968 in Mt. Vernon, IL.

If anyone is related to him or has info about him, I'd love to hear from you, please email me.


Date: 11 Sep 2006

Seeking information from any descendent from the following: #6909 Jacob Harlan, b. 12/01/1858, m. (1) Martha Laswell (2) Emeretta Jennie Laswell; children of Jacob and Martha: Hattie Harlan, b. 1889; Lulu Harlan, b. 1891; William E. Harlan, b. 1892; Pearlie B. Harlan, b. 1893; Effie J. Harlan, b. 1894.

Also, William Ralph Harlan, b. 1906, d.8/9/1965, m. Norma Frances; Ruby A. Harlan, b. 2/7/1916; Raymond Harlan, b. 4/21/1918, d. 4/19/1986; Pearl F. Harlan, b. Abt. 1920; Bertha R. Harlan, b. Abt 1922; James B. Harlan, b. Abt. 1925; Edith Harlan; Catholene Harlan, b. Abt. 1910.

We are looking for any of these family members that may have information on a genetic kidney disease.

Please contact: Harlanjay@cox.net.

Date: 6 Sep 2006
From: Hugh Wayne Cross

On January 30th of 2006 I sent a query to this message board (still listed) requesting information about my family history. As a direct result of the responses I received from that email, I have located more than 3000 of my relatives and traced our family back over 300 years. This note of appreciation is just a reminder of the good work you are doing.

Sincerest thanks,
Hugh Wayne Cross

Date: 5 Sep 2006
From: John H. Harland
Subject: Where in the world is Harland?

It has been pointed out to me that besides Harland, Bavaria, a much more significant Harland is to be found in Austria. No longer a village on its own, it has been absorbed into the southern part of the city of Sankt Pölten, capital of Lower Austria. [48 deg. 9 min N; 15 deg 13 min E.] See:




John Harland
Kelowna B C

Date: 24 Aug 2006
From: Mike Shaffer <mikeshaffer@comcast.net>
Subject: Alexander Harlan

I need some clarification on a couple of Alexander Harlan's.

1. Alexander Harlan, b May 31, 1812, Monroe Co, KY d April 01, 1866, Monroe Co, KY
I have the above Alexander Harlan as the son of Samuel F. Harlin and Nancy Fitzpatrick.
I have him married twice;
1st to Matilda Fraim with 5 children
2nd to Priscilla Ray with 6 children
Henry Clay

2. Alexander Harlan, b August 22, 1828, Monroe Co, KY d (?)
I have this one as the son of George Harlan & Ruth Springer.
I have him married once to Mary Ann Fraim with 6 children;

I was looking through the listings on the Find A Grave web site and came across a listing which states that Alexander Harlan, born 1812 was married twice 1st Mary Ann Fraim, 2nd Priscilla Ray. The listing also gives his parents as George Harlan & Ruth Springer.

Is my information correct or do I have the wrong information?

Mike Shaffer

Date: 18 Aug 2006
From: Edward Harlan Wynn
Subject: Elwood Harlan

Elwood is in the line of Thomas Harlan.

His father Ezekiel Harlan #39 married Polly Kirk and their oldest son Elwood #63 was born December 4, 1814. He married Rebecca Hambleton. They had six kids the second oldest being Thomas E. Harlan who was born November 19, 1843. Hope this helps.

The inscription on Thomas' gravestone means he served in the 32nd Ohio Vol. Infantry. I have no current info on his service, but will do some checking. I have been compiling the Civil War Records of Harlan Men from all states for over 10 years. Just looked through me Ohio section and do not have either Elwood or Thomas entered yet, but would love to add them.

If you wish you can contact we directly at : edwynn@earthlink.net.

From: Edward Harlan Wynn, Las Vegas, NV

Date: 15 Aug 2006
From: John H. Harland
Subject: Where in the world is Harland?

Those subscribers with a fairly modern computer and up-to-date operating system can download the program Google Earth [http://earth.google.com/]. Using this, by typing in "Harland, Germany" one can get a high-definition satellite view of Harland. It lies NNE of Munich, more or less on the boundary between Upper and Lower Bavaria, at 48°28.33'44" N, 11°35.37'E. I know that a sign on the road indicates you are entering Harland, but I was surprised to see how small a place it really is ....if there were a diminutive of 'hamlet' or 'Dorfchen' , it would apply. Just as a Berliner is an a citizen of Berlin, so a Harlander is an inhabitant of Harland, and Harlander is a not uncommon Bavarian name, with a significant number of the family living in the United States.

John H Harland
Kelowna B C

Date: 8 Aug 2006
From: Jen Butcher <jen_butcher@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Elwood Harlan

Hello, I am trying to make a connection here. I have got my Harlan family going back to Elwood Harlan. He was born about 1815 and married Rebecca.
They had a son named Thomas. Elwood's headstone reads US Vet GAR. Thomas's headstone reads Civil War CoA. OVI 32. Thomas married a lady named Harriett Lewis. They are all buried in Quaker Hill Cemetery,
Mahoning Co., Ohio.
Any input would be wonderful!!!!
Jen Butcher

Date: 27 July 2006
From: Patricia Brown

I am Patricia Brown the grandaughter of Charles Joseph Brown of Lawrence County. Born in Plalin Grove and lived in and around Harlansburg all of his life. His family has been known to live in that area since the 1700's. While reading your web site I came across many family names from Harlansburg from your family who are names in my family also but I have no concrete connections. I have Stoughtons, Elders, McClellands, Offutts and Browns all of whom lived in Scott Twp. Lawrence County, PA and many of those names continue to live there. My father, Clair S. Brown of New Bedford, PA often mentioned Harlans and Malenack (spelling unsure) along with many others. I have nothing by my memory to go on and am not sure if these were relatives or neighbors he spent his childhood with.

If any one in Harlansburg can give me any kind of connections to my family, I would be very grateful. I live in Virginia and my time spent in PA is limited. When I go I try to have as many leads as I can. I was born in the appartment above the Harlansburg Inn where my parents were renting in 1932. The place was owned at that time by a Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bell. I know that my Great grandfather John Brown(married Elizabeth Offutt owned a home on Brown Road about 5 miles from Harlansburg, PA. and had great peach orchards. His father was THomas Brown who came to the area from Northern Ireland (born 1807). His wife's name was Eliza (I think Canady. I would also appreciate any info. on the Canady family).

I know this is a "shot in the dark" but my relatives on the Brown side, who I know, are all deceased and I want to get as much info as I can before it is lost to me. Any info will be appreciated. patbrown555@hotmail.com or pbrown@va.mecc.edu

Thanks, Pat

Date: 23 July 2006
From: Janice <JANBILLB2@aol.com>

I saw your web site and wanted to see if anyone had information that would help me. I am going on a tour of the east coast and would like to know where to look for the harlan-hollingsworth original shipyard or any history sites of theirs. I am in the downline of the Hollingsworths


Date: 29 May 2006
From: Patty Adkisson

This article was in our morning Paper 'The Tennessean' concerning the coal mining deaths in KY, and since it had a little history and picture of the funeral home, I thought you all might find it interesting. There are a lot of Harlans in that area. There also was a movie made there with Sally Fields, 'Harlan county war' ??? I think. I am Patty Adkisson, my Grandfather was Ola (Oliver)Preston Harlan p.540 in the big green book . My mother was Sally Rebecca Malinda Harlan. Thanks for all the work you do for this family.

Patty Adkisson
Nashville, TN

Date: 1 May 2006
From: Nancy Diem

After sending away for the Social Security application for my grandfather, William C. Ryan, we finally found out the name of my great-grandfather, William Harlan Ryan of County Armagh, Ireland. In discovering your truly amazing Harlan Family Web site, I found references to both the surname Ryan and County Armagh. In your opinion, is it probably a coincidence, or should I continue pursuing the possibility of a family line? (His middle name doesn't necessarily have to refer to another surname.)
If anyone in the "family" recognizes a link, I certainly would appreciate the input.
Thanks so much,

Nancy Diem
Newberry, MI

Date: 30 Apr 2006
From: Mary Ann

Hoping that some of my Harlan cousins have found this...desperately searching for
OLD HARLAN GRAVEYARD, in Union/Laurens, South Carolina wherein is buried
Aaron Harlan, #41 and his son Aaron, #194...hopefully with their wives.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to locate this old cemetery???

Aaron-41 was 1724 - 1798
Aaron - 194 was 1752 - 1806

contact Mary Ann at maneal13@aol.com

Date: 24 Apr 2006
From: Mary Robare

I am seeking data pertaining to Sarah HARLAN (d. 1794) reported spouse of David FRAME (1771-1840) as well as their possible family ties to Sarah MARSHALL (wife of John?) of Kennett Square, PA.

Thank you for any help.
Mary Robare

Date: 17 Apr 2006
From: Eleanor Young

I'm interested in knowing if any of my Harlan ancestors were involved in politics or held civil service postions during the time of the American Revolution. My ancestors are David Harlan b. about 1725 in Chester County, MD, married Alice Starr and their son, Elisha Harlan b. 1767 Chester County, MD married Rachel Harris, he died 1846 in Cecil County, MD.

Thanks for any information. Eleanor Young

Date: 17 Apr 2006
From: Rosemary Noel

Have added an attachment. It is the obit for Gertrude Olia Ryan Downie, my mother. She was daughter of Olia Elgin Bryant, Frances C. Bryant, James H. Bryant, Rebecca Jane Harlan, James Harlan (1786).

Gertrude Olia Downie died Friday, March 10, 2006 at Nevada, Missouri at the age of 91. Gertrude was born March 7, 1915 in Union County, Mississippi to Joseph Patrick Ryan and Olia Elgin Bryant Ryan.

Joe Ryan worked for the railroad, moving his family to Memphis. Later the family moved to SE Missouri, where Joe became a sharecropper. As they grew up, Gertrude and her six brothers often joined their mother and father in the fields picking cotton. Gertrude graduated from Portageville, MO. High School.

Gertrude met and fell in love with Laird Downie. Laird was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and had moved to Marston, Missouri with his parents. Laird and Gertie eloped in a truck, crossed the Missisippi River on the Ferry and were married at Dyersburg, Tennessee on August 16, 1936.

Laird and Gertie owned and operated a dairy farm and milk delivery business at Charleston, Missouri until 1944. The next six years, with his parents, they leased the Kemper Plantation site, south of Meridian, Mississippi, on which cattle and hogs were raised. The family moved numerous times in following years--living in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and one year in Chicago, Illinois. Laird worked as a dairy engineer and consultant. Gertie usually held a position of secretary and/or bookkeeper. Upon retirement in 1978 the couple moved to Kiln, Mississippi near the Gulf Coast. Laird passed away June 13, 1989.

Gertrude was an avid gardener, quilted, and enjoyed cooking for her family. She and Laird played bridge, each holding the rank of Senior Master with the American Contract Bridge League. During retirement years the couple enjoyed outdoor activities in the bayou area where they lived in southern Mississippi.

Gertrude was preceded in death by her parents and four brothers, Jerry, Arnold, Everett and Grady.

Survivors include two brothers, Carl Ryan of Puxico, MO and Thad B. Ryan of Morehouse, MO. Also, two sons and two daughters, Donald Downie and wife Lorraine, Athens, GA; Rosemary and husband Norman Noel, Bronaugh, MO; Rod Downie and wife Ginger, Covington, LA; and Patricia Downie and friend Rick Walsh, Glenburnie, MD; ten grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren.

Following a service on March 17th Gertrude was laid to rest near her parents' gravesite in Puxico, MO. Cemetery.

Date: 3 Apr 2006
From: Teresa Martin Klaiber <tklaiber@deliverancefarm.com>
Re: Reason Harlan Journal

I have been receiving the Harlan Newsletter for many years and am proud to be a descendent. I am also a professional researcher in eastern Kentucky and doing work in Bath County at the moment.

Can you tell me if anyone knows if the Reason Harlan Journal survived and if so where it is housed?

Teresa Martin Klaiber
Family Lineage Investigations
c/o Deliverance Farm
22937 Long Branch
Rush, KY 41168


Date: 15 Mar 2006
From: Jim.Stephenson@makino.com
Subject: Earliest Harlans?

I'm wondering if there is a definitive identification with regard to the life span and possible marriages of William and James Harlan. The only thing I've seen consistently is that James was born about 1625. Most of the information I've seen indicates William was born 1594, but after that it seems that there have been some contradictory indications as to whether or not their wives may have been identified, and when they passed away. The only copy I've seen of Alpheus Harlan's history is from the early sixties. It was given to my aunt by my grandmother some years ago.

If anyone is interested, I am a descendant of Martha Anne "Patsy" Harlan b. 1818, daughter of Samuel Harlan who died in Union Springs, SC. I have some information on the children of Martha and John M. McMillan, and my cousins. I'm afraid there is still plenty of work to do, but I do have the line traced down to my nephews.

Thank you,
Jim Stephenson

Date: 15 Mar 2006
From: Lisa Bural
Subject: Scam Alert

Hello, I am related to Harlan family and i have put several inquiries about George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck Harlan. I have received a e-mail stating that this bank in some forein county had 5 million in an old account that he had started. It was a coca-cola account. This is a scam . please warn our other relatives. they must of got my e-mail address off my inquiries for George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck inquiries .
Thank you , lisa

Date: 12 Feb 2006
Subject: Harlens in New Hampshire

Hoping someone of the many Harlan's out ther can help me in my search for my grandparents. My father Joseph John Harlen was born Feb. 14, 1895 in Manchester , New Hampshire. The 1900 census list him as five years old in an orphanage in Manchester. There were some Harlan's living in the Manchester area at that time , however the present living ones have no knowledge of him ? Hoping some one out there in the Harlan family may read this message and be able to provide information.

Thanks you
Joe Harlin

Date: 11 Feb 2006
From: Charlotte Börjesson

I am trying to make connection with Robert F. Harlan of Connecticut. We are related on your fathers mothers side, the Gunnarson/Jonsson. Hilmas mother Anna Britta is a sister to my mothers mothers father father C J Alfred Jonsson, working for the Swedish Railway Co, born July 3 1836 and dead October 10 1915 in Sweden. I am interested to share my genealogy with you and hope that you are interested to and maybe you have information that I don't have.

Please contact me.

Charlotte Börjesson Sweden E-mail charlotte.borjesson@telia.com

Date: 11 Feb 2006

The Blue Ridge Baptist Church, founded by the children of Dr. Isaiah Harlan, Marlin, Falls Co, Texas will hold its annual May Day Singing at the church on May 7, 2006. More information is on the Reunions page.

Date: 30 Jan 2006
From: Hugh Wayne Cross <cross@fire2wire.com>

I really enjoyed reading Clinton's story. It was most interesting because I'm looking for the ancestry of my great great grandparents, John and Ann Cross from Hanover Co. Virginia.They were closely related to William Sims and wife Judith as well as her brother Oliver, and nephew Joseph Oliver who married Eliza Harlan, the central figure in the story. They were also related to Henry, Joseph Sr., Joseph Jr., John Sr., Mary, and Samuel Cross all of Hanover County as shown by conveyances of land in the 1780/90s.The family also had multiple ties to the Tinsley family.

Along with their children ( James F. YOB-1818, John, Sarah, Shelton, William, and Elizabeth YOB-1833), John and Ann migrated to Maury County, Tennessee. This was sometime between 1833 and 1844. Once there, they interacted with William and Judy Sims, Joseph Cross, and E.O. Cross.

I would like to know how they are inter-related and specifically who were John's parents, grandparents, etc.. Any information you can provide will be sincerely appreciated.

Hugh Wayne Cross

Date: 21 Jan 2006
From: Jennifer Booth <jenniferb1206@yahoo.com>
Re: Claude and Edith Harlan

I am trying to contact the person that posted a message on here on March 14, 2005 about a Harlan/Rice connection. The message reguarded a Claude and Edith Harlan that died in 1919 in Perry, OK. They orphaned 5 children. I have some information that may be helpful. I tried the email address listed with the message, but found that it isn't valid anymore. If this person is still needing help with these people, please feel free to contact me.

Jennifer Booth

Date: 20 Jan 2006
From: Kurt Stewart Harlan <kurt@kurt-harlan.net>

I'm wanting information about a time in the life of my great-great-grandfather, Wilbur Judson Harlan, who came to Texas with his parents & siblings, but left Texas for California in the late 1800's.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

Kurt Stewart Harlan
George (3)
Aaron (8)
Aaron (41)
Aaron (194)
Samuel (703)
Aaron (2331)
Wilbur Judson Harlan
Paul Drummund Harlan
Paul Stewart Harlan
Kurt Stewart Harlan

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