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Hello...My fathers mother, Julia Harrington married an Jim Harlon. They had one child, Alice Harlon, who was my fathers step-sister. My father's name was James Harrington. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1913. Alice would have been younger than my father of course.

She served in the U.S. Army during W.W.II as a WAC (Woman's Army Corp.).
She worked for Gillette Razor Company in Boston.
I know that she has at least one neice and nephew who would both have been born around 1947 or so.
I really want to make contact with my aunts neice and nephew, as I want to learn more about my dear aunt.
James F. Harrington
email: cosmos69 (at) yahoo.com

I am the great grandaughter of Ralfe M Harlan (#9497) and am researching our family history. I have purchased the "History and Genealoy of The Harlan Family" and have located him on page 829. I would like to find further information about him. Please contact me with information or suggestions on how to research the history further.


Laurie Harlan Leak
Seattle, Washington

Neilla Sue Banse, the daughter of Neil and Minnie (Winther) Harlan, was born March 14, 1945, in Hampton, Iowa. Her childhood years were spent in Dumont and Hampton where she graduated from Hampton High School. Neilla attended Iowa State Teacher's College and Buena Vista College where she received her teaching certificate.

On September 23, 1966, Neilla was united in marriage to Eugene Banse in Newport, RI. Following their marriage Neilla traveled with her husband to Naval posts in Fall River, MA, East Rumford, RI, Vallejo, CA, Great Lakes, IL, Yokohama, Japan and Spanaway, WA, returning to Iowa after Gene retired from the Navy.

During her time in Japan, Neilla taught English to the business community and gave the memorial speeches for the Americans interred in the Tokyo area. She was very active with the Japanese Girl Scout program.

Neilla was an assistant editor of the Sutherland Courrier for eight years and dearly loved the people that she came in contact with. Her joy was researching her family's historical lines. The Harlan's arrived in America in the 1650's and another branch dated back to the 1130's in England. Neilla loved working with the youth: as a teacher; 35 years as a Girl Scout Leader, Council Member, Camp Coordinator and Area Director; over 20 years with the Boy Scouts; and as a coach for various girl's sport teams.

On September 19, 2007, Neilla passed away at her home in Sutherland at the age of 62, following a three-year battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed by her family, friends and others that knew her. She was preceded in death by her parents and brothers, Bruce and Michael Harlan. She is survived by her husband, Gene Banse of Sutherland, IA; one son, Eric Banse of Anamosa, IA; one daughter, Brandi and her husband, Warren Philbrick of Normal IL; two brothers: David Harlan of Hampton, IA and Dwight and his wife, Mickey Harlan of Fertile, IA; one sister, Georgia and her husband, John Hintz of Hampton, IA; seven grandchildren: Nathan and Tyler Dirksen of Hampton, IA, Ashley and Erika Banse of Larrabee, IA, twins, Jacob and Jaida Horrell of Sutherland, IA, Evan Banse of Cherokee, IA, and Warren Philbrick, III "Trey" of Normal, IL; as well as many loving cousins, nephews, nieces and friends.

My name is Soozie Evans (Vogan).

Im researching back through my family history. My grandfather on my fathers side has done some, but I want to find out more

He made a family tree it shows that William Vogan(born 1817) married Anne Harlan 1844(died 1895)

Someone found that it was an Anne Smith, but not with information that I have

William Vogan and Jonathan Harlan were friends

Please write back

In response:

To Soozie Evans (Vogan):

The Harlan's book of genealogy shows William Vogan #4474, son of Mary Harlan #1583 and William Vogan, was born June 17, 1823, and later married Ann Smith.

There is no further information on the couple William and Ann, but there is a paragraph about William's parents, plus more information on their Harlan ancestors back to the 1600s in England.

The genealogy book, History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by Alpheus Harlan, is available for purchase on the Harlan Web site under the link, Store. It was published in 1914 and has about 1,000 pages and over 10,000 entries.

William Lee Harlan

Would William Lee Harlan of Missouri, whose line is posted on the Harlan Family Site, please contact me? The e-mail address submitted with his post appears to be invalid. My friend Linda Lionberger Wilson, whose Lionberger family has ties in Missouri, would like to get in touch with him.

Elizabeth (Liz) Harlan Sly

Subject: Harlan Cousin Witnessed Kristallnacht

The late Robert Harlan, who retired to Freeport, Ill., after a 30-year diplomatic career, was a college exchange student in Germany in 1938 and saw firsthand the destruction caused by the infamous event known as Kristallnacht. As a result, he helped a Jewish couple who were among the victims, and he found them a way to escape.

The entire story.

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007
From: Cook, Adonna <Adonna_Post_Cook(at)baylor.edu>

I have been finding information on Defaw Talleyrand Fulton and Anna Elizabeth Harlan who were the parents of Alvarado Emerson Fulton (Abbie, buried in Waco, TX) who was my great grandmother and the mother of my grandmother, Alice Effie Davis Post (Mrs. Fred Orville Post). In many of the Harlan records I’ve noticed that they have ggPost listed as Addie and that’s completely wrong even if it does seem most likely. Abbie is the only name my grandmother had put on her mother’s stone.

Adonna Post Cook

From: Irvin Cockriel <cockrieli(at)mchsi.com>
Subject: Harlan Family DNA


The above url (web address) is for DNA testing for families and I wonder if you have looked into this.

I have trouble getting my wife Sandy Harlan Cockriel to be interested in genealogy, but I keep trying to locate the father of George W. Harlan born Aug 18, 1838. I find him on an 1860 census in Logan Co Ohio living with his mother Ann, but no father listed.

Sandy is a descendent of this George W. Harlan, but we just can not seem to connect with any known Harlan's and I notice that there are a few Harlans on the DNA site, so was wondering if you could include something about this on your web page?

Perhaps the DNA data base would be able to help us. Can you ask about this at the Harlan Reunion?

I would appreciate what you could discover.


Irvin (Irv) Cockriel

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007
From: Ed Wynn <edwynn(at)earthlink.net>

For the past 10 years I have been compiling "The Final Muster" Harlan Men in the Civil War. Since Reno, I've divided the book into state volumes. Still have tons of Harlan names that served but I've been unable to tie to the family.

If you had an ancestor who served on either side in the Civil War please email me the information you have and I'll take it from there.

My email address is: wynn89134(at)yahoo.com

Please put the name Harlan in the subject line.

Edward Harlan Wynn
Las Vegas, NV

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007
From: April Wilkerson <joelnapril97(at)yahoo.com>

Dear Harlan Family,
I am trying to find my Grandfather. I do not know his first name and this does make my search harder indeed. I can tell you that my father's name is Gary Harlan an he was born in Memphis, Tn. in July of 1961. Then his ex-wife, my Grandmother's name is Caralyn Harlan. I do know that he has live in FL. and in TN. If any one can be of any help I am greatful.


Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007
From: Kathleen Jardine <kathleen(at)sungardenhouses.com>

Hi All Harlan Cousins,
I just returned from West Chester County, PA, where I had the great honor of visiting Centre Meeting House, built in 1687 by our ancestor, George Harlan. I also got to visit his house which, like the meeting house, is in amazing condition.

I came away with some questions that I hope some of you Harlan experts can answer.

Did George deed his house to his son James or his son Jacob? I have found conflicting reference to both on the website. And are he and his wife Elizabeth buried at Kennett Meeting or Centre
Meeting? Again, I have read both things. Honorary plaques are in both cemeteries.
Thanks so much for any help.

Kathleen Jardine

Subject: Quaker Influence on the Harlans
The handout of the lecture given by Dale and Estle Harlan at Celebration 320 of Harlan Family in America.

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007
From: Craig Hullinger <chullinger(at)gmail.com>
Subject: Another Abraham Lincoln / Harlan connection

Another Abraham Lincoln / Harlan connection

Moses Harlan #676 served in the Illinois Legislature in 1838-40. He was a Whig. Abraham Lincoln also served in the legislature during that period of time, and was the floor leader of the Whigs.

" Moses Harlan came to Radnor Township in 1833 and purchased land from the Government on Section 22, the title deeds of his land having been signed by President John Tyler. Moses Harlan was an old line Whig, and served as a member of the Legislature and a County Commissioner. " history of Radnor Township www.just1way.org/Peoria/Books/he1902/

"Moses Harlan settled on Section 22 in the same year. He was County Commissioner in 1838, and two years in the Legislature, 1838-40." www.just1way.org/Peoria/Books/he1902/twp_Radnor.html

Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Peoria County 1902

"Moses Harlan came to Radnor Township in 1835 and purchased land from the Government in Section 22, the title deeds of his land being signed by President John Tyler. Moses Harlan was an old line Whig, and served as a member of the Legislature and a County Commissioner.

Abraham Lincoln www.historyplace.com/lincoln/index.html

1836 - August 1, re-elected to the Illinois Gen. Assembly and by now is a leader of the Whig party. September 9, Lincoln receives his law license. Begins courtship of Mary Owens, 28. Has an episode of severe depression in December.

1838 - Helps to successfully defend Henry Truett in a famous murder case. August 6, re-elected to the Illinois Gen. Assembly, becoming Whig floor leader.

1840 - In June, Lincoln argues his first case before the Illinois Supreme Court. August 3, re-elected to the Illinois Gen. Assembly. In Fall, becomes engaged to Mary Todd.

More info about Moses Harlan on this page


Craig Hullinger
309 494 8639

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007
From: lenrose.ptc(at)juno.com <lenrose.ptc(at)juno.com>
Subject: Quaker Influence on the Harlan Family

Hello, this is Judy Harlan Rose and I attended the recent reunion in Reno, NV. I was unable to attend the talk by Dale and Estle Harlan on the Quaker influence on the Harlan family that Saturday afternoon. If you have any handouts or information on this lecture please send it to: lenrose.ptc(at)juno.com

Thank you,
Judy Harlan Rose

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007
From: Derek Jacobs <djj3(at)btinternet.com>
Subject: Dangerous state of the Harland monuments in All Hallows, Sutton on the Forest, York, England

I know many of the Harlans have visited Sutton and the monuments in the local church commemorating this branch of the Harlan family. The Harlands (with a ‘d’) built and lived in Sutton Park for 200 years. I, as Chairman of the All Hallows Trust, a non-denominational organisation raising funds to preserve the church building have had the pleasure of meeting several of you on your visits. The Harlan Family organisation a few years ago made a generous donation towards our work. In the last year, we used this donation to commission a report on the condition of the wonderful set of Harland monuments by a leading expert.

This report has produced disturbing results. The Parochial Church Council (the PCC), advised by its architect, had been obliged in the last couple of days to rail off two of the monuments (the most attractive in my eyes) and these are to be taken down for safety’s sake, and stored. If anyone wants to be sent a copy of the report (rather large!) by e-mail, with costings for repairs etc. or can help in any way, the Trust (and the community) would be very grateful. There is a great risk that the monuments will be taken down and stored indefinitely, which would be a great loss to the Family and this village.

Please e-mail me at djj3(at)btinternet.com if you wish to know more.

With best wishes for your work,

Derek Jacobs
Chestnut House,
Sutton on the Forest,
York YO61 1DZ, England

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007
From: Kerene Larson <klarson(at)bristolparkmed.com>
Subject: Looking for info and Family Pix for George Harlan Sr. and Ruth Ledgerwood

I am Kerene' Ruth Harlan, daughter of Kenneth George Harlan jr. (born 3/18/1917 in Idaho )and Irene Guske.(born 3/2/1920)..My father had a brother Robert Harlan currently (last known) living in Washington State. I am looking desperately for pics of my grandparents ,Kenneth Harlan Sr. and Ruth Legderwood...I would LOVE a copy of their wedding picture or any other pics as I have nothing in the way of any pics of them (esp. my grandfather Kenneth Sr.). In exchange, i have a genealogy of the family incl .my grandmother Ruth legderwood and some pics of my Uncle Robert as a young man in his military school unifrom which I would be happy to give to his branch. I am hoping some of my uncle Robert's children (my cousins) will be coming to Reno for the reuinion and we can hook up or you can email me at : ladybuick(at) yahoo.com.
Thank you!

Date: 15 Jun 2007
From: CNeal45730(at)aol.com
Subject: HARLANdale inquiry.

Several years back I enlisted your help in determining the origin of the name of the Harlandale community, school district and high school on the south side of San Antonio, TX. We have followed several Harlan families and personages but all have led to dead ends. Recently one of our alumni association members bought an Abstract of Title plat of the proposed community/subdivision of Harlandale at an estate sale. The developers were listed as B.B. Harlan & his attorney, Ramsay C. Bogy, the former we presume to be the namesake of our school and community. There was no correspondence or further identifying info with the plat, which was dated March 19, 1910. R.C. Bogy we have learned had an investment corporation in Denver. The only male B. B. Harlan's within logical age range appear in states with a Sebastian, Gordon or Robertson (TX?) County, or possibly Illinois or Missouri.

We would appreciate your Harlan expertise in finally solving the mystery of our community's namesake. Thank you.

Charles M. Neal, Jr.

Date: 11 Jun 2007
Subject: Revised workshop schedule

Friday, July 13, 9:30 a.m.
1.“Researching your Harlan Heritage” by Junior Harlan
Learn how to go about researching our family history with particular attention on how to use the family genealogy by Alpheus Harlan. Bring your “big book with you.

2.“What Happened to the Donners?” by Chuck Knuthson
The Harlans and the Donners are linked forever in Western lore. Learn why tragedy befell the Donners from a noted expert in the history of the ill-fated wagon train.

3.“The Harlan Heritage Tours” by Marjory Harlan Sgroi
Where did the Harlans come from? Join someone who has visited all the historic sites associated with our family’s history and enjoy her slides of the monuments to our past.

Saturday, July 14, 10 a.m.
1.“The Quaker Influence on the Harlans,” by Dale and Estle Harlan
The first Harlans came to America as Quakers, religious refugees from persecution in the Old Country. How did their religious faith shape the history of our family?

2.“Scrapbooking,” by Judi Harlan Sommarstrom
Come and discover new and creative ways to preserve and display your family memories. Share your own ideas for putting together memorable scrapbooks for your family and friends.

3.“Jacob Wright Harlan: Eyewitness to the Settlement of the West,” Bruce Mowday
Come and hear the editor of the new book about the life and times of a man who came to California by covered wagon, twice! Find our some of the adventures he had as an early settler in the Golden State.

Saturday, July 14, 1:00 p.m.
1.“The Harlan DNA Project,” by Nancy Davenport
Come and find out how DNA testing can become an invaluable tool for compiling a family genealogy. Discover how modern science can determine if two people are related to a common ancestor.

2.“Harlans in Early California: Lombard Street of Genealogy,” by Steve Harrison.
The members of the Harlan Party continued in life’s cycle of birth, marriage, and death after their adventurous trip across the continent. Find out who married whom in the sparsely populated new land that became California, and what monumental events they participated in and witnessed in their new-found home.

3.“Josiah Harlan: The First American in Afghanistan,” by Carlene Crossman & Ann Averill. Learn about the 19th Century adventurer who traveled to the forbidden kingdom of Afghanistan and had a lifetime of adventures. Josiah was the real-life inspiration for Kipling’s famous story, “The Man Who Would Be King.”

Saturday, July 14, 2:30 p.m.
1.“Four Marys and a Jessie: Our Harlan-Lincoln Cousins,” by C.J. King
Come and hear about the fascinating connections between our family and that of our most famous president. The presenter is the author of a book that chronicles these remarkable Harlan women.

2.“The Harlans on the Supreme Court,” by Mike Fluetsch
Two legal scholars, both named John Marshall Harlan, have served on the Supreme Court, but they had very different approaches to the law. Come and learn how our family has helped shape the highest court.

3. Repeat of one of the previous workshops, to be determined.

Date: 10 Jun 2007
Subjet: Books available

*Sale of Jacob Wright Harlan’s California 1846-1888 benefits Harlan Family in America

A new edition of the popular, and previously out-of-print, book by Jacob Wright Harlan is available for purchase. See store for information.

*Indiana Authors 2007

Byrl Harlan is one of twelve writers selected from 251 submissions.

Byrl took up writing during a three year period of illness. He feels very blessed to be part of the Anthology published by New Century Publishing of Indianapolis. More information is available in the store.

Date: Tue, 29 May 2007
From: marti paccia <softsunsets(at)msn.com>
Subject: seeking my brother or other relatives

My name is Margaret Harlan and I'm seeking any knowledge of my brother Larry Wayne Harlan...he was last known to be in Las Vegas......he would be my last known relative......if anyone may know of his where he may be please let me know at softsunsets(at)aol.com.

thank you

Date: 26 May 2007
From: Katie Rodriguez <kittiwake(at)sprynet.com>
Subject: Wert Kenneth Harlan from Ohio
I'm currently researching my family's ancestry and I'm coming up dry
looking for information regarding Wert Kenneth Harlan, born in Ohio or
Kentucky Dec 13, 1916 and died June 8, 1989 in Ohio. He married Settie
Neville, youngest daughter of Richard Coleman Neville and Palvena (Age)
Neville, b. Aug 19, 1912, d.March 24, 1988 in Cave City KY. They had a
son and a daughter. They divorced and Wert Kenneth remarried and had a
son. (Settie also remarried but had no children from that marriage) I
believe the son from his second marriage is named Ken, likely a "Jr."

Years ago, I was told that John Marshall Harlan II, d. 1971, was a g or
gg uncle and it would be interesting if I can make that connection.

I'd appreciate any information about Wert Kenneth, regardless of where
it leads.

K. (Harlan) Rodriguez

Date: Wed, 9 May 2007

From: Payne, Tia PS2 PSD Afloat Atlantic, N14 <tia.payne(at)navy.mil>
Subject: James McHenry Harlan

I am the great grand daughter of Donald Harlan born 02 Jan 1880 in Marrietta IL. He died in Fulton County, IL 24 April 1944. I know that his father was James McHenry Harlan born around 1843 in Fulton Co., IL. He died on 04 Jul 1926 in the same county. Here is my problem. I only know that James McHenry's grandfather was John McKinley Harlan. I don't know who his father is. I am doing the family history for me to understand my father's side a little better. If there is anyone who might be able to shed some light on the subject please e-mail me at blessedlife2(at)yahoo.com. I would appreciate any input..

Sincerely, Tia (Harlan) Payne

Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007
From: j.marrone <j.marrone(at)comcast.net>
Subject: Harlans of Perry Township, Columbiana, Ohio

I am trying to find the parents of my Hannah Harlan of Perry, Columbiana, Ohio. On the 1850 census she is the wife of Samuel Fawcett. It lists her with her children. On the 1860 census Samuel Fawcett has another wife. From our family tales she is Hannah Elizabeth Harlan born in 1820 in Pennsylvania. She is said to have died in 1855. (no proof) Her son Frank Brown Fawcett was born 5 Mar 1850 in Columbiana County, Ohio and was still there on the 1870 census. The family stories state that his father Samuel Sharp Fawcett locked him up to keep him from going to war. He migrated to Allen County, Kansas where he met and married Martha Catherine A. Armstrong the 30 July 1870 at Iola, Allen County, Kansas. He joined the 19th Kansas State Calvary and served in the Indian wars under Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer Fawcett (born 16 March 1871 in Allen County, Kansas. He was blinded in a dust storm so was not present at the famous Battle of the Big Horn. He returned to Kansas for his family and the came to South Dakota in a wagon train in about 1885. He moved to Newcastle, Wyoming. He raised his nine children. He died 17 January, 1937 at Newcastle, Weston County, Wyoming. His oldest daughter was Mary Lenore. She married Paul Kipping 25 October, 1897. They had 6 children. My Grandmother Emily Lenore Kipping was third of six children. She was born 14 September, 1902. She married Lawrence Walgren Gibbs 14 October, 1922 at Alliance, Nebraska. She had four children the oldest John Lawrence Gibbs was born 23 July 1923 on their homestead in Niobrara County, Wyoming. He met and married Mary Katherine Payne in Laramie, Wyoming while he was attending the Wyoming State University. He was training in communications. He served in the US Army in World War II in the Philippines in the radio corp. They had two daughters in Wyoming. I was born while my father was over seas in 1945. I would appreciate any help in finding out more about my Harlan family.

Thank you,

Jackie Lee Gibbs Marrone
Denver, Colorado

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007
From: jpj324 <jpj324(at)zoominternet.net>
Subject: George (#180) Harlan's Will

During my recent visit to the Records Department of the Warren County, Ohio Administration Building, the Last Will and Testament of George Harlan (#180) was found. The original will was dated January 10, 1819 and named his son George Harlan (#672) as Executor. His will was recorded and filed on August 7, 1821 and George Harlan (#672) was sworn in as executor in open court on that date.

This Historical Document provides verification that George Harlan (#180) was a resident of Warren County, Ohio at the time of his death in 1821.

Jean Miller Jacoby

Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007
From: Rev C Forde <spiritsouth(at)gmail.com>
Subject: Mary Harlan m. Hugh Laughlin 1748 DE or PA

I would like to know the date of Mary Harlan Laughlin's move to Tennessee and her death?

She married Hugh Laughlin b. 1715 in 1748 in Old Swedes Church in either Delaware or PA; they moved to Hillsboro North Carolina where he died in 1765 and left a will naming her as his wife. She was "the Widow Locklin/Laughlin" (source: Micajah BROOKS pension application RWS). He was "hired out to the Widow Laughlin" and sent to Ramsour's Mill about 1775-1776.

I am aware she moved to Tennessee where she died and is buried. I would like to know the date she moved to TN and the date of her death. Thanks.

The Rev. Cynthia Forde

Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007
From: Dave Acton <weracton(at)bigpond.net.au>
Subject: Harland

Hi. I am looking for relatives of my great grandmother, Annie Harland ( who became Annie Creek) she was born c.1861 in England (we think) and came to Australia as a domestic servant. She married in Australia in 1885. I think she had around 8 children including my grandmother who was Doris Creek (Loder) We were told that she may have been disowned by her family for taking her sister's side in an argument but not really sure. Does anyone recognise any of these names?

Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007
From: judyk <butterfly5427(at)comcast.net>
Subject: adopted

Hi, I've been searching for may biological parents for years with no avail.

His names was Sherwin Harlan and I'm really not sure if he was married to Maria Harlan (mothers last name is Heinz), witch is on the birth certificate.

My sister and I were both adopted by the same people Slyvester and Opal Hamilton, Newberg Or.

Our names are:
Judy Kay born November 3, 1948 and Diana Lynn, born April 27, 1950.

Any help would be welcomed.

Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007
From: castelroyere(at)free.fr

If anyone has information concerning Loyd Harlan's geneology I'd appreciate
receiving it at castelroyere(at)free.fr. He was presumably from Kentucky, an
electric engineer who worked on dams and bridges all over America. He married
Ruby (Ruth ?) Combes and had a son, Randall Blair Harlan, born October 22, 1925
in Boise Idaho, raised in Galt, California. They divorced (around 1928 ?), he
remarried and had a daughter (Barbara ?). At the time of his death he was
probably living in Lodi, California.

Thank you.
Syndi Doreen Harlan

Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 12:13:51 EDT
From: Kathryn Mereness <MMer2000(at)aol.com>
Subject: Need help from descendents of #476 Nathaniel C. Harlan & Elizabeth S. W. Berry

I need help from the descendents of #476 Nathaniel Carter Harlan and his wife Ellizabeth S. W. Berry (pg.185 in the Harlan book by Alpheus Harlan). Nathaniel Carter and Elizabeth S. W. Berry Harlan were my gr.gr.gr.grandparents. I'm descended from their daughter, #1754 Lucy Wren Harlan who married her first cousin #1763 Jonathan P. Harlan (pg.186). My gr.grandparents were #4912 Elizabeth Wren Harlan who married Calvin H. Gaskill (pg.422).

In the Harlan book on pg.185 it says Elizabeth S. W. Berry Harlan was a daughter of Benjamin and Lucy Wren Berry who were farmers in Mason Co., KY. Nathaniel Carter Harlan married Elizabeth S. W. Berry on 15 Nov. 1801 in Mason Co., KY, Bondsman: George Thompson. I am trying to find information on Elizabeth S. W. Berry's parents. There is no Benjamin Berry in the early Mason Co., KY census. I have found one mention of his name as being a Justice of the Peace in June 1801 in Mason Co., KY but have no other information about him or his wife Lucy Wren Berry.

Do any of Nathaniel Carter and Elizabeth Berry Harlan's descendents know where Benjamin and Lucy Wren Berry came from in Virginia or where Elizabeth S. W. Berry Harlan was born on 22 Dec. 1780. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be emailed at Mmer2000(at)aol.com. Thank you.

Kathryn Mereness

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007
From: Linda Wilt <lindawilt(at)sbcglobal.net>
Subject: HARLAN MCGREW steubenville, Ohio, 1850-?

I just stumbled upon this website this morning. I am researching my great-great-grandfather, Harlan McGrew, residing in Steubenville, Jefferson county, Ohio from 1870 or earlier, until at least 1911. I have no date of death or place of death. He was born somewhere in Ohio (June of 1850), and his parents were born in Ohio.

His children were named Nathan, Robert, James, Stella, Willard, Ella and Hazel (and possibly an older child not listed in the 1900 census).

Harlan is listed in the 1900 Steubenville census with wife Jane (possibly a.k.a. Virginia) and 7 of the children, but I can't find him in any earlier census record. Or any later one.

I do not know his parents names or history, but I would very much like to. The names I have found sound a lot like those in your Harland geneological tree, so I am hopeful that someone out there has heard of these people and that there is a connection, somehow.

Please let me know if anyone has any further information or clues.

Thank you,
Linda Wilt

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007
From: Catherine Roberts <croberts1(at)pdq.net>

I am researching family of Mary Dallas Williams who married Thomas P. Harlan in Jackson, TX, 16 March 1869. She is the half-sister of my GGF Samuel Ezell. I have had little success in tracing Mary’s and Samuel’s mother – Harriet/Harriett (1821-1890). Her maiden name appears to have been “Adkinson”. Discovering the marriage records of Mary and Thomas appears to indicate that Harriet’s first marriage was to a “Williams”. Mary Dallas married a John A. Rogers after the death of Thomas. She is buried in the Rogers section of the Harper Cemetery, Harper, Gillespie Co., TX, along with her son, Thomas P. Harlan. There is a section on the Harlan family in the “Here’s Harper Two – 1963-1986”. If anyone has information on the family history of Mary Dallas I would appreciate hearing from them.

Thank you, Catherine Ramsay Roberts

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