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From: Cynthia
Subject: Willie and Queenie Harlan
Date: December 13, 2008

Thank you for you inquiry. The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family is a wonderful resource, but also doesn't have all of the answers. I wish I could tell you I found your "Queenie" and Willie, but came up empty handed. Most likely Queenie is a nickname as I'm sure you decided for yourself. I found a few Willie Harlans but none of them fit the right time frame. Unfortunately there are probably a 100 William Harlans listed in the book. At a later time I might take the time to check some, but right now that seems to be a monumental undertaking for this time of year.

If you have your ancestors going back to around 1900 or a bit earlier maybe that would give me some clues to how to proceed to look for siblings, etc. If you are near a library that might have a copy of the Harlan Genealogy possibly you could start through the index of William Harlans. Any additional information you could supply would possibly be helpful in locating these mystery people.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: emilyharlanjames@gmail.com
Subject: Harlan genealogy
Date: November 29, 2008 1:09:42 PM CST

I found a letter dated 2 November 1881 from a "Queenie" to a "Willie Harlan" written in Edwards, Mississippi. I do not have the original envelope so I can't be sure where it was mailed to. I was hoping someone had information as to who Queenie is? I'm trying to trace my family's genealogy and figure out how I am related to Queenie and William Harlan.

Any information would be helpful.

-Emily Harlan James

From: Cynthia
Subject: Charles Harlan
Date: December 13, 2008

Dear David,
Thank you for your inquiry. I have checked my History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and do not find a Margaret Burkhart listed. There are 80 Charles Harlans listed so if you could give me more specific information that would be most helpful. Do you know his middle name? The Jessie Harlans listed in the book had different parents and/or had the wrong (earlier) birth dates. Anymore specific information you could provide would help me do a more detailed search. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: immaculate1976@yahoo.com
Subject: Harlan Question
Date: December 3, 2008

I am searching for info on Charles Harlan Born- 1861 Illinois. He married Margaret Burkhart and had daughter Jessie Harlan.

From: Cynthia
To: danwhittle@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008
Subject: HH Harlan

Thank you for your inquiry.  Our History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family was originally published in 1914 with very few updates added at the 1987 printing.  As you can understand there would be no way to find the 3 men you refer to without more information but especially dates that we could trace back to other Harlans listed.  With the numbering system Alpheus originally used in his book the last entry is #10,484 although there are blanks in-between some of those ancestors. 

Many Harlans did move to the state of MO, but the particular town you mentioned I did not find in a quick search.  At the time of the printing normally a county would be listed, but few cities or towns were mentioned in detail.   If you could give me more specific and earlier information I might be able to do more, but not with what you have supplied.  Have you tried property tax records  or other types of public records to find out more detailed information on the individuals listed?  Old local newspapers many times carried personal information that could supply an unanswered question.  If I can be of further assistance feel free to contact me. 

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: danwhittle@comcast.net
Date: October 30, 2008
Subject: Brenda, daughter of H.H.Harlan, educator

I'm authoring a book of history about the Bootheel region of Southeast Missouri for SEMO State University in Cape Girardeau. I attended grades one and two with Brenda, whose father, H.H., was superintendent of our rural high school before he moved his family to Alaska in 1952 or thereabout.....I think he had a son, we called "Sonny."

H.H. was also a teacher at Gray Ridge , Mo., High School. In history annals, I found thefollowing Harlans...as timber mill owners, Lee, Frank and Ed Harlan in the former swamp region of Bootheel Missouri.....I need to know if H.H. was the son of one of these men....

I'd like to make contact with any descendant, particularly Brenda, who may today be living in Texas.....any help would be greatly appreciated....The Harlans positively impacted their little Missouri town and community....My book is set to be published Spring 2009

cell.....615-785-6403....or danwhittle@comcast.net

From: Ciss <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: October 26, 2008
To: jane@waynet.org
Subject: Harlan/Harland family

You have asked a very good question that doesn't have an absolute answer.  You must remember 300+ years ago very few people could read and write and the few that could would write things down the way they sounded.  That accounts for most variations in the spelling of many names. 

Having been to the Harlan Family website maybe you have missed part of the first paragraph that states:

"Most Harlans/ Harlands/ Harlins alive today are direct descendants of George or Michael Harland who emigrated from England and Ireland or from Thomas Harland who remained in Ireland." 

The most popular spelling is Harlan but that doesn't mean the other spellings are wrong or are from other ancestors.  I would be more than happy to try to help you get started tracing your family to see if we can trace your direct line that links you to the Harlan Family that grows in numbers daily.  If you are interested in doing that we will begin by starting with you and working backward generation by generation.  It is actually fun ( to many people) and many find it becomes a wonderful hobby. 
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: allstars4233@aol.com
Date: October 8, 2008
Subject: mary harlan


I am just wondering if anyone in the Harlan family, has a picture of Mary Harlan who was married to William Vogan?  He was my ggggrandfather. He is listed in the Harlan Family History and Genealogy Book that I have/ or if any one has any genealogy on them would be great



From: Cynthia <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: October 13, 2008
To: amber.harlan@cox.net
Subject: Re:Samuel Lester Harlan


Your search for your grandfather is important to you although we are not able to help you with the information you supplied.  Our Harlan genealogy only goes into the early 1900s with some family lines but not all so without names and dates of earlier family members/ancestors it is impossible to be able to find your grandfather.  Some possible avenues to check the Houston, TX newspaper archives for marriages and obituaries and county property records.  Some cities published city directories and libraries keep them on file for reference.  That is another resource - the library most likely has microfilm of old newspaper issues where you can do a "search" for names that might bring up information about other family members.  I know this requires more work on your part, but if you're diligent you might have success.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy  

From: Tony Curtis <tcurtis77@cox.net>
Date: October 1, 2008 10:21:01 PM CDT
To: kmladd@mac.com
Subject: Samuel Lester Harlan
Reply-To: tcurtis77@cox.net

Hi my name is Amber Nichole Harlan and I am looking for information regarding my grandfather, Samuel Lester Harlan.  I don’t have many details because my father does not speak of him.  He left my grandmother early on and had no contact with my father later.  I do know that he was in the air force and that he was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio TX around the year of 1954, because that was where my dad was born.  I also know that my dad’s sister Debbie is deaf and blind and that she stayed with Sam instead of with my grandmother.  And I believe that he had been living in Houston.   I am looking for him for medical research and knowledge.  I am needing complete cancer medical histories from his side of my dna.  I also wanted to let you know that I think this website is a wonderful thing to have and hopefully after reading through it carefully I can have some things to share with the others as well.

Thanks for your time.  You can email me at amber.harlan@cox.net or aharlan@sparks.org and my address is 630 Alex Circle Greenwood AR 72936.  If you have any information to help me on my way it would be greatly appreciated.

Amber Harlan

From: "Elizabeth Russell" <hspicodegallo@gmail.com>
Date: September 26, 2008
Subject: Harlan website

Looking for information regarding John Hagan m. Hannah Harlan/Harland on 06/12/1817 in Barren Co., KY.  I think they possibly moved to Illinois during the 1830s.  They had one daughter that I know of, Jemima Hagan married to James Bennett.

Any information on this family would be most helpful.  I can't afford the purchase of the book.

Thanks, E Russell

From: Rli@aol.com
Date: September 23, 2008
Subject: Re your information on the Harlan family

Hi there,

I am related to George Harlan and wanted to correct one item on your website.  You noted the correction of the wedding day as the 27th from that information you had but one part you didn't have right - the month.  It said they were married in the 9th month but the calendar changed in 1752 from the Julian calendar to the present calendar.  In the Julian calendar, the 1st month wasn't January, it was March 25th - often known as Lady Day, Annunciation Day or Feast of the Annunciation) and the last day of the year was March 24th.  March was considered the first month.

I didn't know about the calendar difference until another family member doing the genealogy told me so I went to Google and looked up Calendar in 1675 for what I wanted to know.


Margo (Porter) Seegrist dau of Chloe M. (Montgomery) Porter, dau of Ethel M. (Clayton) Montgomery, dau of John Reynolds Clayton, son of Harlan Clayton, son of Phoebe Newlin, dau of Ann Harlan, dau of Joseph Harlan, son of Joshua Harlan, son of George Harlan and Elizabeth Duck.

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: September 7, 2008
To: <terridupree@comcast.net>
Subject: Harlan connection

Dear Therese,

I wish I had information to share with you.  I have searched the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and come up empty handed.  I have spent some time on the internet looking for your ancestors and found the following information. Although this information is old it can't be ignored.  According to this information Ida May was born in Ohio in 1861.  I wonder if you could check Ohio census records?  That would be a good place to start.   If I can be of any further help feel free to contact me.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

Ida May HARLAN b.1861 Ohio

Post Date:
May 21, 2000 at 19:30:52

Message URL:

Ohio Genealogy Forum

Forum URL:

Looking for information re: Ida May HARLAN b. 1861 Ohio. Married A.Alsines R. STEWART b. 1859 Iowa. Children Jesse b. Jan 1885 KS; Oscar Earl b 13 Sep 1887 Topeka,KS d 12 Oct 1952 Vernon,MO; Mable b. Dec 1888; Hattie b. Jun 1891 MO; Chauncy b. Sep 1899 MO. Oscar Earl my grandfather married Stella Edith EYMAN b 17 Nov 1887/88 Butler MO d 19 Mar 1927 Waldo, Jackson,MO.

From: terridupree@comcast.net
Date: September 1, 2008
Subject: Ida May Harlan

I've been researching my family ancestory.  I've been doing this in a rather "different" way - trying to go back through Maternal lineage.  My Great Great Grandmother was Ida May Harlan Stewart b. Oct. 1862.   She married Alsines Stewart in 1884 in St. Joseph City, MO. 
I'm seeking her Mother and Father's name. 
Am I on the right track contacting you?? 
Thank You! 
Therese DuPree

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: September 7, 2008
To: "Margaret Grider" <americangothic@msn.com>
Subject: Re: #2731 Parmelia Harlan descendancy

Dear Margaret,

Thank you for your inquiry.  We welcome you as a Harlan descendant.  If your request is posted on the Harlan website it will give other readers a chance to respond.  Otherwise we have no way of actually tracking the family lines as an association.  When we gather for family reunions many of us try to find others who come down through our direct line.  Unfortunately we do not accept additions to the family lines outside the actual Harlan family itself.  As I recall at the first reunion in 1987 it was estimated there were probably 25,000 Harlan descendants at that time.  Since another 20 years have passed you can be assured many more Harlan descendants have been born.  It would an impossible task to bring the genealogy up to date with just Harlan's let alone add any other family groups.  If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy  

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: September 7, 2008
To: "Michelle Mendoza" <mendoza1@sonic.net>
Subject: Harlan connection

Dear Ms Rhoades, 

You're right - I looked at a chart that is more clear to my untrained eye, and Esther Virginia Harlan was married to John William Albright. She appears to be his second wife. Their daughter, Mary B. Albright married 1st husband John W. Horner, and Teresa Elizabeth Horner (my grandmother) was one of their daughters. I have a copy of the marriage certificate of JW Albright and EV Harlan dated 10/16/1880. It looks like JW Albright was a soldier in Ohio. I'd love to have more Harlan line info. 

[Previous email]


I'm glad we got the right people connected.  I will list your Harlan line for you, but you might be interested in purchasing a copy of the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family some time.  The information is available on the harlan website.  Your line is as follows:

#4 Michael was born about 1660 in England married Dinah Dixon.  
Their son #16 Thomas born 4-24-1694 in Delaware married Mary Carter.
Their son #79 Isaac born in 1721/23 in Chester Co., PA married Hannah Few.
Their son #334 Isaac born 7-22-1743 married his 2nd wife Margaret Talbot.
Their son #1281 John born 8-22-1794 in Baltimore Co., MD married Catherine Fagg.
Their son #3861 John born 4-17-1826 near Barnesville, Belmont Co., OH married MaryAnn Thomas.
Their daughter #8449 Esther Virginia born 4-23-1853 married John W. Albright. 
That is where the Harlan book stops with your line.  It doesn't even list a marriage date.  The Harlan book has so much information about each family line for the most part.  It is a wonderful resource for family history.  I think the cost of the book is money well spent. 

I do hope you find this information helpful. 

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: September 5, 2008
To: <mendoza1@sonic.net>
Subject: Harlan Horner connection

I did find your Harlan connection, but The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family does not show Esther Virginia married Mr. Horner.  The book said she married John W. Albright, but there was no further information on her.  I must "presume" that Mr. Albright died and she then married Mr. Horner, but that's only speculation on my part.  I would be glad to share the Harlan line information with you if still think that Esther is the right link.  Most likely your grandmother's information was correct.  If you would like further information please let me know.
Director of Genealogy
Cynthia Rhoades

From: Michelle Mendoza <mendoza1@sonic.net>
Date: September 2, 2008
Subject: Harlan Horner

Hello Mr.Harlan,

My grandmother's handwritten genealogy links to her great great grandparents, John Harlan who married Catherine Fagg, they had a son , John Harlan (b. 1826)(d.Nov 1871 (2?), who married Mary Ann Thomas, and had a dtr, Esther Virginia Harlan. Esther married John William Horner and they had a dtr, Elizabeth Theresa

Horner who is my grandmother. The great grandparents of my Grandmother were Richard Thomas and Mary Jane Fagg.

It appears that I may be related to your Harlan ancestors?

Best Regards,
Michelle Mendoza

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: August 24, 2008
To: <wagoch@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Stephen Cooper& Nancy Harlan

Mr. Gochenour,

Your Stephen Cooper who married Nancy Harlan is indeed a part of our extended Harlan family.  Nancy ( her family # is 1276) is a 6th generation Harlan whose father was Isaac Harlan and her mother was Margaret Talbot, the 2nd wife of Isaac.  The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family states that Nancy died in Licking County, OH instead of IL.  They had moved to Licking Co., OH by 1817 where their daughter Nancy was born. 

If I can be of more help please feel free to contact me.   It is always exciting when we find another link in our family heritage.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: "William A. Gochrnour" <wagoch@sbcglobal.net>
Date: August 17, 2008 4:14:49 PM CDT
Subject: Cooper/Harlan connection


I'm working on the Cooper genealogy and have found a Stephen b. 1778  d. 1844 in Illinois that was married to a Nancy Harlan b. 14 Dec 1781 d. 13 Aug 1844 in Licking County, Illinois.

I wonder if you might have any more information on this family....?

Thanks in advance..

William A. Gochenour Jr.

From: "Craig Hullinger" <hullingerc@gmail.com>
Date: August 3, 2008
T Subject: Moses Harlan (#676) (1786-1842)

Moses Harlan (#676) (1786-1842) served with Abraham Lincoln in the 1838-40 Illinois Legislature, was a member of the Whig Party with Lincoln, usually voting with Lincoln.

More info at:


Craig Harlan Hullinger AICP

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: June 28, 2008
To: <3tears@gmail.com>
Subject: Harlan-Gordon connection


   After I wrote the first response to you about Rebecca Harlan Van Gordon I read the second email in regard to the discrepancy in the Harlan history and Van Gordon history as to the outcome of the deaths of George, his wife and daughter Rebecca.  I went to the Harlan website and read the article written by William K. Harlan, CA entitled The Great Trek.  I can't quote Bill's sources but imagine he used some of the Harlan book for his information.  If you read his article he said he used Jacob Wright Harlan's book as a source for his research as well.  As Bill states near the beginning of the article, "I will rely heavily on the only work written by one involved, Jacob Wright Harlan's California from '46 to '88, a book charmingly exaggerated and inaccurate. What follows, then, is a patchwork of questionable dates and places, fanciful and real accounts, all sewn together with supposition and hope."  

Then at the end of his story he adds another note saying, 

"Note: There is also a firsthand recollection of this trek by Mary Harlan VanGordon Smith (2991), daughter of George Harlan (852), and dictated to her daughter, Emma Smith. The story was subsequently sent by Trudy Hunt Smith to James Rogers Harlan who transcribed it and included it in his family history file. "

While I can't speak for Bill about his article I'm sure he would be interested in hearing the Van Gordon version of the story.  His email address is available if you would like to get in touch with him. 

Cynthia Rhoades, Director of Genealogy

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: June 28, 2008
To: <3tears@gmail.com>
Subject: Harlan - Van Gordon relationship

Indeed you have found the right connection.  Rebecca is #2990 and is the daughter of George #852 and Elizabeth Duncan Harlan.  Rebecca was born in Wayne County, Indiana (which by the way is where I live today) in 1824.  The Harlan Family has a wonderful book entitled The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family which is available to purchase through the Harlan website.  The book give some more information about George, Elizabeth and their 7 children.  Elizabeth died in 1846 and George married Catherine (Fowler) Hargrave in 1847 and they had 2 children. 

The book lists the previous 5 generations of George's family and is a wonderful reference for anyone interested in the Harlan history.  I would be glad to share more information, but maybe you would prefer to purchase your own copy and read about each of the previous generations yourself. 

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: "Dash Shourt" <3tears@gmail.com>
Date: June 26, 2008
Subject: Family of Ira Van Gordon

I am a decendant of Ira Van Gordon, Rebecca (Harlan) Van Gordon (2990). Though, your website states that Rebecca Died of typhoid fever, which leaves me somewhat confused.

In the "Great Trek West": "Young John VanGordon and Elizabeth Harlan died soon after they reached San Jose; her daughter, Rebecca (2990), died the next year and her little son, Jacob, in 1848."

And in your "Stories of Harlans": "December 1846: Two weeks after arriving at Mission Santa Clara John Van Gordon ( husband of Mary Harlan ) and Elizabeth Duncan Harlan ( wife of George Harlan the Wagon Master ) died of Typhoid Fever."

This does not fit my families history... A biography of Ira Van Gordon written in 1883 states that Rebecca (Harlan) VanGordon had two sons with Ira, and lived into old age on their ranch in San Simeon California. Did they have Children before her death?

I could also fill in details on what became of the Van Gordon branch of the Harlan Family If you would be interested, My aunt has kept fairly good records. I believe we have photos dating back to our San Simeon Ranch, possibly from earlier.


From: "Dash Shourt" <3tears@gmail.com>
Date: June 26, 2008
Subject: Rebecca Harlan - Ira Van Gordon


I was doing some research into my family tree compiled by my aunt, and found a dead end. My ancestor Ira Van Gordon Married a Rebecca Harlan native of Indiana in 1841, while he spent three years in Indiana earning his green thumb @ farming. He then moved west to Michigan, and two years later moved to California. I found this information in a biographical sketch written of him in 1883, and it goes along with family records (A typed version of the sketch may be found here: http://files.usgwarchives.org/ca/sanluisobispo/bios/vangordo997nbs.txt). Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding Rebecca Harlans backround or family tree. I was hoping that perhaps you may have some information regarding this woman, as you seem to have vast archives of Harlan history... maybe we're cousins?


From: James Carroll <jimkat218@att.net>
Date: June 11, 2008
Subject: Harlan County named

I saw an email asking for the origin of the name - Harlan County.

My name is James Carroll and I was born in Baxter, Ky. In 1943.

My father  owned plumbing business under the name, J.C. Carroll plumbing and heating Co. He died in 1965 and that was the last time I ever visited Harlan. He is buried in family cemetery in Rose Hill Va.

We moved to Chicago in 1959 and I am still there. Actually my town is Woodridge, IL about 25 mile west of Chcago.

According to Baxter Coal Monument legend. :

1819 county was named for Mg. Slas Harlan, born Va. 1752.

Came to Ky. In 1774, built Harlan Station. Served in Illinois Campaign under Gen. George R. Clark. He was killed in battle of Blue Links in 1782.

All this can be seen on the Baxter Ky Coal Monument by searching the web.

Jim Carroll

Subject: George Alexander Harlan, California, Moniteau, Missouri
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008
From: erlene <peanut@bestclan.net>

Looking for information on George Alexander Harlan Family.

George Alexander Harlan
B:  28 Feb 1850 Kentucky
D:  14 Oct 1929 California, Moniteau, Missouri
B:  Lebanon Graveyard, Cooper, Missouri

William Gilbert Harlan
B:  23 Oct 1870 in McGirk, Moniteau, Missouri
D:  1943 Centertown, Cole, Missouri

Bryon Morris Harlan
B:  California, Moniteau, Missouri

Son in Law:   Ralph L Harris
  20 July 1917 in Missouri
13 April 1948 in California
BU:  Centertown, Cole Missouri
Thelma Irene Harlan**************

George Bass Harlan
B:  Pilot Grave, Cooper, Missouri

Eldridge G. Harlan
B:  California Moniteau, Missouri

Charles P Harlan
B:  California Moniteau, Missouri

Any information will help

Thank you


I have a list of names for you thought you would like it.

James Harland b.1580 father Robert Harland b1546 father Henry Harland B. 1522 d.1580  I thought you might like to update the webpage. I found two sources on each of these indiviuals.

Henry harland facts: Sutton Hall - Sutton Hall and Huby, in the North Riding of Yorkshire: a portion of the property was in the family before the Restoration, and another granted to Captain Richard Harland for his services in the royalist army at the battle of Marston Moor. Also the Middleton estate near Darlington, in the county of Durham, which has been possessed for some time by the family.

COAT OF ARMS: Argent on a bend between two cottizes three stag's heads caboshed azure

CREST: A sea horse ppr. holding between his hoofs a stag's head caboshed az. charged with an escallop, for HARLAND

Debra Plant

From: "Cynthia" <cr.rhoades@comcast.net>
Date: May 15, 2008 8:28:19 AM CDT
To: "francis sonnyharlan" <sonnyboyharlan@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: harlan name question


I think I have found some information that will be helpful to you.  I found your grandmother Kathleen Ebba Harlan listed as being born on 2 January 1932 and died 2 November 1977.  If that is correct then the following will be helpful information for you.

Kathleen's father: Anson Lauery Harlan, born 4 Feb. 1888 in St. Mary's, Elk, Pa and died 17 March 1965; mother Ethel Mae Allen born 24 April 1900 St. Mary's, Elk, PA and died 27 August 1955.  They married about 1918.

Anson's father: Amos Harlan born 15 December 1843 in Montour Co., PA and served in the Union Army of Civil War, married Olive Kile or Kyle. The Harlan book lists no further information on Amos and Olive.

Amos's father:  Thomas Harlan #36 listed in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.  Thomas born in 1814 in Lycoming Co., PA, died at Iola, Columbia Co. PA 28 July 1872, married Hannah Lemmons date unknown. 

Thomas #36 is a descendant of Thomas Harlan brother of George and Michael. 

I think you can use the most recent information to find more descendants of Anson and Ethel.  Possibilities: use the 1930 census listing other siblings (Kathleen wasn't born yet), The birth and death certificates for Anson and Ethel as well as the marriage application if you can locate it. Thomas #36 was listed as a Methodist so possibly church records would be another place to look.

I hope this information is helpful to you. 

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

----- Original Message -----
From: francis sonnyharlan
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Subject: Harlan name question


My name is Francis Coccimiglio, and my grandmother on my mother's side's  maiden name was Kathleen Harlan.  As far as I know, her father was named Anson Harlan, and this is in Elk County, PA.   All I can find on anyone with a close name is Larry Anson Harlan from PA who died in WW2 at age 25 or so.  I don't who he is or how closely related.  I still have cousins in Elk County by name of Harlan,  Edward Harlan and Timmy Harlan.  I don't exactly know how they are related, other than my mother and their father were cousins, either first or second. 

Question is, could you direct me to how to find out where my great grandfather and / or his family was from?  

Thanks for any information. 

As for my name, I am a musician who uses the name Sonny Harlan as my "working" name. 

Thanks again,
Francis A. Coccimiglio

From: "Ciss" <cr.rhoades@insightbb.com>
Date: May 7, 2008
To: "Katy Knight" <clinark@yahoo.com>
Subject: Harlan ancestors


Some of your information agrees with the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family but most of your information is not listed.  What the book says is:

Thomas #1104, b. 5, 12, 1778 in Chester Co., PA, moved to Albemarle Co., VA abt. 1800, and Sarah Eubanks b. 3, 22, 1781, in probably the same county, married about 1801.  The first child listed is John, #3472, b. 5, 24,1802.  Fanny, #3475, is the 4th child listed in birth order.  The books has the same birth date you do, 3,25,1810, in Davidson Co., TN.  The book says Fanny died in Carroll Co, Miss and she married David Stanley.  Nor further record.   

Back to Thomas and Sarah - the book said they moved to Wilson Co. in 1820 where Thomas died 5, 20,1857 and Sarah died 6,10,1864.

Thomas and Sarah's oldest son John moved to Carroll Co., MS in 1835. 

I find no mention of a Matilda Frances at all.  I checked the siblings of Thomas #1104 but none of them had a daughter by the name of Matilda Frances either. 

I did a search on the LDS website and come up with 1800 and a 1802 birthdate but there is no other information to substantiate the actual dates.

I just "googled" Matilda Frances Harlan and found your inquiry to someone named Sharon in regard to the Eubanks family. 

I seem to be rambling here and not making any headway.  I would suggest some other avenues to find the connections you're looking for if you want some suggestions. 

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: k a <clinark@yahoo.com>
Date: May 3, 2008 8:20:32 AM CDT
To: morganlharlan@gmail.com
Subject: Matilda Frances Harlan and Fanny Harlan
Reply-To: clinark@yahoo.com

I'm in a quagmire regarding Matilda Frances Harlan and Fanny Harlan.

Matilda Frances was born on August 8, 1800 and Fanny on March 25, 1810, both in Davidson Co., TN.  The parents of these two Harlan women appear to be the same couple, that is, Thomas Harlan of PA and VA, and Sarah Eubanks of VA.  In addition, both women appear to have married the same man, one David Standley, in Davidson Co., TN, Matilda Frances on October 4, 1815, Fanny's date of marriage apparently unknown.  This couple (which ever is the correct one) migrated to Carroll Co., MS.

My descent is from a daughter, Frances Standley, born February 5, 1819 in Wilson Co., TN, who married James Monroe Cavender on August 27, 1838 in Carroll Co., MS and died in Van Buren Co., AR on March 19, 1921.  Her 2nd marriage was to Patrick Finton. 

Frances is my great great grandmother.  My mother and her older brother and sister knew Frances, as Frances was 102+ when she died.   My mother is pretty sure Frances' parents were Matilda Frances Harlan and JOHN David Standley. 

My quandry is ... who are the real parents of Frances Standley ... Matilda Frances Harlan and John David Standley or Fanny Harlan and David Standley? 

Can anyone help straighten me out?  Did I supply enough information?

Katy Knight Avendano, Texas

From: "Ciss" <cr.rhoades@insightbb.com>
Date: May 7, 2008
To: <ninakohl@wi.rr.com>
Subject: Harlan Miller family connections


We are glad the Harlan website has been beneficial in learning more about your Harlan line.  I see from your name that you are a Harlan!  There hasn't been an Indiana reunion for a couple of years and I have no idea if another one is in the planning stage. 

The Harlan book does list the parents of Marcellas' wife, Eliza Jane Miller.  They were James and Eleanor (Wray) Miller.  The Harlan book also states that Eliza Miller Harlan died in Montgomery County, IN in 1870.  I would think that your best bet would be to locate census records or a will of James Miller that would possibly list siblings and give you a good place to start on a search for other Miller descendants.  Not knowing just where you live that county might have records available to do research.  Since Marcellas was a farmer land records is also a good place to look.

Another possibility would be to go to Genweb or a similar website for Montgomery County and post a notice for Millers of the same line.  We don't actually have any way to trace your Miller line, but hope with a few ideas you will be able to find some of your "lost" relatives.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: "Nina Kohl" <ninakohl@wi.rr.com>
Date: April 26, 2008 9:57:39 PM CDT
Subject: Looking for Harlan-Miller family members in Indiana

Hello Harlan Family!

I am looking for Harlan-Miller family members in Indiana (I hear you all have reunions!).  I am descended from George Harlan (2246), whose son Marcellas (5711) married Eliza Jane Miller.  Eliza was the daughter of James and Eleanor (Wray) Miller.  I have learned much about my Harlan ancestry since first visiting this site, but, I would like to learn more about my Miller ancestry and follow that back, so, if there are Indiana Harlan-Millers out there, please contact me at ninakohl@wi.rr.com

Nina Harlan Kohl

From: "Ciss" <cr.rhoades@insightbb.com>
Date: April 16, 2008
Subject: Re: George Hodgson

Mr. Hodson,

I have found George Hodgson listed as a witness to the will of Moses Harlan dated 10-10-1747.  There are other witnesses listed so it is possible that George was adopted by one of them.  It will take a bit more time to go through the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family to see. George is not mentioned as a recipient of Moses will so I would presume he had not become part of Moses family.  Moses parents, George and Elizabeth Duck, migrated to America in 1687 when Moses was 4.  Moses married Margaret Ray in 1712.  The book says that Margaret and Moses both came from the same meeting - Lurgan.  It is most likely that George's family knew all of these people before they left Ireland. 

Below I have listed a couple of website responses to inquiries about the Hodgson family.  This might be of some help to you and also lead you to other websites that can provide more information.  The original reference as a witness to Moses Harlan's will is the only mention of George in the Harlan book.  You mentioned that your line is suppose to be related to George Harland which would come at a later time when a Hodgson married a Harlan, but that will take more research.

Cynthia Rhoades

From: THodson <thodson@aol.com>
Date: April 7, 2008 11:57:18 AM CDT
To: morganlharlan@gmail.com
Subject: George Harland and George Hodgson

The history of the Lurgan Ireland meeting contains the following: 

While many emigrants found prosperity and success in the New World there were also sad cases of hardship, privation and death in the course of the journey or in the harsh conditions on the American frontiers. One pathetic story is of Robert Hodgson who emigrated from Lurgan with his wife and family in 1710. The entire family died on the voyage to America except one son, George, then aged nine. He was adopted by a Quaker family in Pennsylvania and later married and settled in North Carolina. A descendant, James D. Rodman, who is also descended from George Harland, kindly supplied the information.

I have heard the "Orphan George" story concerning my ancestor George Hodgson, but I have never been able to tie it to a place in Ireland before, or confirm it beyond a frequently told family tradition.  I would like to find James D. Rodman, or anyone else who has information concerning this story.

Thank you for any help

Tom Hodson 
217 356-5551

From: "Ciss" <cr.rhoades@insightbb.com>
Date: April 16, 2008
To: <goschmid@awesomenet.net>
Subject: Re: Harlan descendant

Ms. Schmid,

  The best way to proceed with your question concerning who erected the large tombstone in 1990 at the Providence Holland Cemetery in Robertson County, TX I decided the quickest route for you might be to contact the Texas Harlans who meet annually for a Texas reunion.  The Harlan Record newsletter lists several people to contact for more information.  The president of the Texas organization is Claudia Martin.  Her email address is CBrownMartin@aol.com and her phone number is 214-692-0878.  The other names and email addresses are listed in the newsletter if you go online for that information.  If one of those individuals cannot directly answer your question they may be able to direct you to someone else who will know the answer.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: Doris Schmid
>My Mother was Marguerite Harlan, dau of Eliphalet, his father
>Alpheus, his father Joseph Harlan who came to Texas in 1836 to fight
>in the War for Texas Independence.  Joseph Harlan was buried in a
>cemetery outside of Calvert, TX named Providence Holland Cemetery in
>Robertson County, TX. (He died July,21. 1844)  There is
>large tombstone erected in 1990 and I need to know who put it there.
>This information is required for my Daughters of the Republic of
>Texas Application.  The cemetery has been adopted the the caretakers
>have no clue as to how the info got there.  Can you direct me to the
>right person to help?
>Any assistance will be appreciated.
>Doris Finch Schmid
>79 Quail Run Dr.
>Fredericksburg, TX 78624

From: Ciss <cr.rhoades@insightbb.com>
Date: March 13, 2008 8:26:10 AM CDT
Subject: Re: Ralfe M. Harlan

Ms. Leak,

According to the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family the last known information about Ralfe M. Harlan was that he lived in Seattle, WA in 1912.  In trying different search techniques online I have come up empty handed.  However, I did find a man by the name of Bruce Backus Harlan.  Since Ralfe's wife's maiden name was Backus I would presume this might be a grandson.  Maybe you are directly related to him.  Never the less, the best places to search would be in the public library using various records such as obituaries, dentist associations, tax records and other similar sources.  These things are not easily available to me access.  He was also listed as a Presbyterian so church records would also be another resource.  I wish you success in your research and if I can be of further assistance contact me.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: Ciss <cr.rhoades@insightbb.com>
Date: March 13, 2008
Subject: Re: James Harrington inquiry

Mr. Harrington,

Your request to find your aunt, niece and nephew is beyond the scope of our capabilities in researching the Harlan family since the last entries in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family only date to around 1916 when the book was originally published.  I have however made some attempt to find a record of your Aunt Alice Harlon.  Without doing a lot of research that is really out of our range I came up empty handed.  I would suggest possibly you can refer to the 1930 census records as that is the most recent of the published census.  Other options would include using the Family Search option at the LDS website of familysearch.org.  Another possibility is to check the Boston, MA phone directory, tax records and newspaper searches with the names you know.  You didn't give your niece or nephews names  so I have no way of checking that way nor did you suggest your aunt's married name.  I wish you success on your research and if I can be of further help let me know.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: James Harrington <cosmos69@yahoo.com>
Date: January 23, 2008
To: morganlharlan@gmail.com
Subject: Alice Harlon

Hello...My fathers mother, Julia Harrington married an Jim Harlon. They had one child, Alice Harlon, who was my fathers step-sister. My father's name was James Harrington. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1913.

Alice would have been younger than my father of course.

She served in the U.S. Army during W.W.II as a WAC (Woman's Army Corp.).

She worked for Gillette Razor Company in Boston.

I know that she has at least one neice and nephew who would both have been born around 1947 or so.

I really want to make contact with my aunts neice and nephew, as I want to learn more about my dear aunt.

James F. Harrington
email: cosmos69@yahoo.com