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Query from Chuck Timmermam:

"In the 1790 census for South Carolina, Ninety-six district for Abbeville county, there is an Ezekiel HARLAN family of one (1) head of household, two (2) males over 16, and two (2) females over 16. A couple of doors away is a PATTERSON family.

My question for readers of this posting is; does anyone know any information on the Ezekiel HARLAN in Abbeville, SC in 1790 census? If you do, is the wife's information also available?

Send an email to cr.rhoades@comcast.net if you have information for Chuck and it will be added here.

From: cr.rhoades@comcast.net
Subject: Harlan ancestors
Date: December 20, 2009
To: rlwysong@aol.com

John, #2384, was born 2/11/1820 in Union County, IN and he married Ann Edgeman on 3/5/1840. There is no further information on him.
George, #2385, was born 11/19/1821 also in Union County, IN and married Para Edgeman on 12/9/1841. There is no further record for him.
However there is additional information on their 2 sisters, Anna and Elizabeth.
Their father, Aaron, #710, was born 6/10/1792 in Laurens County, SC. He married Juliet Jackson about 1813. She was born 2/24/1794 in SC and died 2/17/1860 in Parke County, IN. According to Alpheus records Aaron died 9/16/1833 in Greene Twp., Parke County, IN.
It sounds like you already have that much information. since no further information was available when the book was originally printed corrections and updates are included in the newsletter on occasion but we have an individual who maintains a database with the new information that is submitted. You might want to send that information to him. His name is Fred Harlan and his address is Fredharlan@verizon.net Many descendants are interested in updating their family lines when possible. It's always good to be able to share documented data.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

# # #

I am not a Harlan descendant but one of my ancestors had 2 sisters who married Harlans. They are Ann and Pary Edgeman who married John and George Harlan. I am finishing entering what information I have for them into my genealogy database and would be interested in providing the Harlan information to your website.

I'm having trouble figuring out from the website how John and George and fit it and the best way to send information.

A researcher in Iowa who has gathered information there for me told me that John is #2384 in Alpheus Harlan's genealogy and that George is #2385 and that they descend from Aaron #710. Is Aaron their father? I am guessing that the Alpheus Harlan genealogy has not been put on the Internet. Is that correct?

I have some information for John and George's descendants and, of course, information on Ann and Pary's ancestry (and Pary's 2 marrages after George died). I'm not sure what information you would want. I'm used to sending my information to someone who then fits it into existing files, but I'm not sure that your website works that way.

Thanks for helping me out.

Roberta Wysong

From: cr.rhoades@comcast.net
Subject: Harlan family line
Date: December 3, 2009
To: Leslie.Shiely@twtelecom.com

I am so pleased to be able to provide you with information you requested about your mother's family. Your grandmother is listed in the Harlan Genealogy as Mattie E. She was born on April 4, 1871 to Joseph Alexander Harlan and Bahlona Nosler. Joseph is #6010 and Mattie as his child is #10034.
WOW!! I cannot believe this - you and I are related through Catherine Brown Harlan. She originally married your ancestor George Harlan #705 about 1800 in South Carolina. They had 5 children including your GG grandfather Aaron #2351. George died about 1815 in Union County, IN and Catherine then married my GGG grandfather John #739 in 1816. But back to your direct line. Aaron married Lucetta Conway and they had your great grandfather Joseph.
The book was first published in 1914 so many lines were not documented much after 1900. I must say your family is fortune to have your great grandparents listed. But as to your original question on how to find out more about your grandmother the best way is to begin with your mother's Harlan parents. Their marriage record as well as their birth certificates most likely would include genealogical information which in turn would give you clues to search on back. To get copies of those you would need to contact either the Health Dept. or the County Clerk in the county they were living at the time those events occurred.
I do hope this is helpful. If I can be of further help please let me know. Copies of the Harlan book are for sale through the Harlan Association for $60.00. You can find that information on our website. Good luck.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

# # #

I am trying to track down some family history for my mother. We just found out today that the maiden name of her grandmother was Martha E. Harlan, a daughter of J.A. Harlan (do not know the full name, just the initials) of Wapello County, Iowa. She was married to Dr. Edward A. Sheafe October 14th, 1896. That is all the information we have. Can you direct me to where I could find more information on Martha Harlan?

Thank you!


Subject: RE: Harland Descendant
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009
From: Ilona Middleton <middlei@sunysuffolk.edu>
To: Ellingson Family


Most assuredly post it. I traced the ancestry through the Harbaugh female line (those that married Harbaughs); not an easy task given the scanty information accorded to women's lives prior to 1930. At this point, it feels like a quest to take the ancestors back as far as I can. Thanks so much for all your help.


From: Ellingson Family
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009
To: Ilona Middleton;
Subject: Re: Harland Descendant

I am forwarding your message to the webmaster for the Harlan Family Website. Do you want your message posted?


Ilona Middleton wrote:
Please let me introduce myself. My name is Ilona Middleton and I find that I am a descendant of George Harlan (Harland) through his son, Moses Harlan and Moses's wife Margaret Ray. The line is a long one but I touch the family at the point where Rebecca Harland, Moses's daughter, marries John Blackburn. This line eventually leads to the Harbaugh family in Pennsylvania. There is also a book written about the Harbaugh family.

My research comes from the geneology library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City as well as other databases in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ireland. My question is, has anyone traced the family in England? I got as far as George Harlan's Great Grandfather, James Harland, born in England in 1580. I've found nothing after that. If you have any further information, I would be most pleased to receive it.

Ilona Middleton

From: Cynthia
Subject: Israel Harlan
Date: June 27, 2009
To: allstars4233@aol.com

In your request for information about Israel Harlan I have found a man that fits that time frame - being 36 years old in the 1870 census. Israel, #4513, was born on 8/9/1833 to Amos, #1588, Harlan and Julia Gillespie Harlan. Amos was born in 1804 and died on 11/29/1833 in Lawrence County, PA. Israel was the 6th child of Amos and Julia. Since he was just 3 or 4 months old when both his father and mother died it is very possible William and Ann Vogan took Israel in although the Harlan book does not say that. Amos had 2 sisters, Lydia, #1582, and Mary #1583, who both married men with the last name of Vogan. There is no further record of Israel other than he died in Lawrence Co. on 9/20/1873.
I hope some of this information will be helpful to you.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: allstars4233@aol.com
Subject: Isreal Harlan
Date: June 14, 2009

My name is Soozie Evans (Vogan). I found someone named Isreal Harlan that lived with William and Ann Vogan. It was on the 1870 census. He was 36 yrs old. In NewCastle, Lawrence county. I tried to look him up in the Harlan Family Book, but can't seem to find hime. Maybe you will have better luck and write back to me.

From: Cynthia
Subject: Harlan family in Williams Co., OH
Date: May 29, 2009
To: rbegovatz@yahoo.com

I wish I had specific information to share with you. Our book The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family lists George Harlan as the son of William. Let me list your line to help me as much as you.

Lydia Olive b. 10-13-1860 in Williams Co., OH (no further record)
George (#78) b. 9-7-1836, d.10-27-1862, m. Susanna Borton b. 9-12-1840 on 1-31-1857
William (#40) b. in Fayette Co., PA m. Sarah Hoopes (dates unknown)
Henry (#18) b. Chester Co., PA m. Lydia Gause (dates unk.) moved to Columbiana Co., OH
George (#12) came to America abt. 1761. He m. Mary Harris11-23-1763

That is all the information the book gives other than going back further to Ireland with the Harlan line. I know you are more interested in going forward. I did some research on the internet but didn't come up with anything specific for you. I would suggest that you contact the Williams County Health Department for further records. There are 2 different addresses to use. For birth and death records from 1867 - 1908 use:

Williams County Records Center, 107 W. Butler St., Bryan, OH 43506, Phone # 419-636-8253.

For records from 1909 - present use:

Williams County Health Dept., PO Box 146, 310 Lincoln Ave., Montpelier, OH 43543.

Once you have specific death records you will be able to proceed. The OH GenWeb project did also suggest you look at the Defiance County, OH records as the 2 counties were closely tied together. Good luck in your research.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: rbegovatz@yahoo.com
Subject: Harlan/borton family of williams county ohio
Date: May 28, 2009

George Harlan and Susanna Borton married 1/31/1857. George died in the civil war and is buried Lexington Kentucky.

I am trying to find out what happened to their daughter Olive Lydia Harlan born10/13/1860. I found a marraige record for her when she married Ira Miller (Almancie) in Williams County, OHio 2/15/1888. I found them in the 1900 Wiliams County Census.

But in the 1910 census it looks like they got divorced or Olive died. In 1910 Williams County Census Almanca Miller was married to a Martha Alice Gamber (marriage date 1903). Martha died in 1945 and her death certificate says that her husband Almancie Miller died before she did. (I cannot find them in cemetery) I found another marraige record for Olive Harlan who married a Homer Bechtol in 1902 in Wiliams County. I found homer and he was divorced from her. According to Borton family she married a John Sturgis but I cannot prove this.

Is there anyting that you can help me with.

Rochelle Begovatz

From: carinpacifico@mac.com
Subject: Harlander
Date: May 16, 2009

the email address for John H Harland, at jharland@smartt.com is no longer valid. I had hoped to send him the following info:

i have been researching my Harlander great-grandmother who comes from the Niederbayern, that is, the agricultural flood plain along the Danube, south of Regensburg, west of the Isar. I had not made any connection to the English or Scottish Harlan name at all. Rather, I believe the name, which is not uncommon in this area is a Bayerische pronunciation of "Hollander." Bayerische is a dialect notorious for its idiosyncratic pronunciations. This region, around Straubing, belonged to William I of Bayern-Straubing who was also William V of Holland, William III of Hinault and William IV of Zeeland. In other words, there would have been quite a few "Hollanders," men-at-arms moving around Straubing, and Regensburg in the 1350's. In fact, in searching for relatives in the area I found Harlanders with names like Hans and Hugo which speaks more of Holland and Hinault than southern Germany. William was actively fighting his mother, Margaret of Holland at the time. But Regensburg held the Parliament of the Holy Roman empire for 500 years and had the only bridge over the Danube. This was a major trade route for Venice into Northern Europe. Men-at-arms would have had steady work, not to mention that all the armies headed for the crusades marched over the Regensburg bridge.

Here's where it get interesting though. In Regensburg there is an old Scottish Monastery (!) St. James, which was founded by Celtic monks before 1070 AD. The Irish were missionaries here early on and founded what is now the oldest brewery in Germany. Over the centuries there was a strong scientific tradition in this Kloster (Kepler wrote here); so much so that Napoleon did not close St James when he closed the other monasteries in Bavaria. There was also a very strong tie from St. James in Regensburg to the Catholic royal house of Scotland. After the Reformation and founding of Great Britain, St James educated priests for the Scottish Catholic Church. So Napoleon may also have recognized the valuable tie to France's old ally, Scotland. Harlanders, travelling to Scotland, and to Pennsylvania for that matter, were likely to see the final syllable dropped. Pennsylvania clerks where famous for butchering German names long before the "ellis island effect" on family names.

The connection to flax, however, is interesting. "Haar" seems obvious. While the Niederbayern is more famous for its hops, than its flax, the Scottish and Irish monks may have assigned the name to designate hops farmers on their crop lands. My ancestral village, 40 miles south from Regensburg, along the Isar, held Kloster lands for the Scottish monastery.

From: cr.rhoades@comcast.net
Subject: Family History
Date: April 28, 2009

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in more information on your ancestry. Your grandfather Daniel J. Harlan is not listed in our History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.
I did an online search for your father and grandfather. I found that your grandfather's social security number was issued in the state of Washington and the same is true for your father. Although the search did say that your father lived in the San Diego, CA area at his death.
If you could provide more information about your where father and grandfather lived, etc. possibly I could discover more.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: timilyn_tarica@hotmail.com
Subject: timi tarica (harlan)
Date: April 27, 2009

My Name is Timi L Harlan , I saw my sisters posting on this web page (Carol Harlan). I am looking for information on my family history. My father's name was Daniel J. Harlan, Jr. born Oct 31, 1940, died Nov 25, 1997 and my grandfather was Daniel J. Harlan Sr. born Nov 22, 1917, died Jul 12, 1989. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

From: doonboggle@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Harlan line
Date: March 28, 2009
To: Cynthia

No, it's not the information what I wanted to hear ... but, yes, it is.

Yes is what I anticipated; and is what my position has been for all these years. It has been several years since I focused on this, via the usage of the HARLAN book, and at that time had mostly come to the conclusion that the two (2) families did not connect...but left open the window for further research as more data became available.

Yet, as indicated in my response to you, others 'willy-nilly' adopted the data as gospel ... much to my chagrin ... since I had raised the issue.

So I REALLY appreciate your involvement, and the data you provided is most generously received and accepted..... pending possible revelations somewhere in the future.

Chuck Timmerman

From: Cynthia
Subject: Harlan line
Date: March 28, 2009
To: doonboggle@yahoo.com

I'm slowly beginning to comprehend what you have been trying to say all along. And now I understand where others are coming from when you are seeking information about 3 brothers born several generations later. All we basically have to rely on is the Harlan book unless as you were hoping you'd find other descendants of Ezekiel Harlan #120 who could verify your information. The Harlan book does not even state who Ezekiel married but does list 3 children.

But I need to back track here. Ezekiel #120 is the son of Ezekiel #23 who was born in 1707 in Chester Co., PA. He married Hannah Oborn in 1724. The Harlan book states that Hannah, the daughter of Henry and Hannah Cooke Oborn was also born in 1707. So right away the dates are off according to your records. Ezekiel and Hannah had 7 children. The book says that Ezekiel #120 was born between 1732 and 1736 which is undoubtedly because of the birthdates of the other siblings. The book goes on to state that he went south as his brothers Jonathan and Ellis had done. It is also presumed that he followed his brothers into the Cherokee Nation which is when all trace is lost. The book does have information on Ellis which says he moved to NC, TNand GA and married an Indian woman by the name of Catherine. At the time of their marriage Catherine was the widow of John Walker. Ellis and Catherine had 7 children. but none of that addresses the issue of what happened to Ezekiel #120.

Now back to the 3 children of E. #120 - 2 daughters - Mary and Sarah, but no information is known. A son Ezekiel died in Hardin Co., KY (no date). He married Elizabeth Buckhart who survived him and she moved to Indianapolis, IN in 1834 and died there. They had 1 son named George, born in 1813 in Hardin Co., KY, who eventually moved to Indpls. and died there in 1867. George married Susan Miller as well as Elizabeth Bryson and they had several children.

Whether this information can be substantiated I have no idea. But I do believe someone is totally on the wrong track, but I wouldn't know where to tell you that got off base. I have been taught in doing research I must begin with the current generation and work backward and document each generation.

I'm sure this isn't the information you were hoping to hear. If I can be of further assistance please let me know.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

Subject: Re: Mr. Timmerman
Date: March 26, 2009
To: Cynthia

Thank you very kindly Ms. Rhoades. I'll try my best; and keep my digits crossed in hopes this will help.

To recap, my paternal line has at the 3rd generation behind me, a HARLING grandmother ... Lucy Jane HARLING. I have attached a descendant chart (PDF) for her to as far back as I have in my file. She is the last one.

Up to about the 6th generation, Ezekiel III and PATTERSON, I feel 'relatively' comfortable with that data ... but not completely ... due in part that when I began this 'hobby' some 25 years ago, those folks were provided as (then being) the oldest generation at that time.

Then some years ago I became aware of the HARLAND-HARLAN book and in it, read the details (am going by memory now so please bear with me) about an Ezekiel HARLAN ... and brother as I recall ... not being heard from again after they left the 'clan' and headed for Tennessee; I believe into the Indian nation of that time; again, by memory.

With that I posed the question to a few 'kuzins' of the family, asking if any of them had any research or feelings about this "possible" connection; since Tennessee is relatively close to South Carolina.

At first the response was negative; so the matter was dropped until a later date.

Then, out of the blue, one of the 'kuzins' began to tout the information as the lineage ... without any supportive source or other proof. Over the years I've tried to pin them down; and have now lost contact with them. Don't know if they are deceased or not.

[I don't like being a 'stickler' for authenticy, but have been seeing way too many 'gut feeling' postings of dubious researchers. Like recently, my own mother was posted by someone showing she was in another state on her death ... and burial. So until I have provable details, I tend to be a skeptic these days.]

Tlhe one generation I am positive is the son of the supposedly Ezekiel; John. Have been to his grave site in Edgefield, and the others since him. As you can see, John was born in 1774. Michael was in 1768 and Jacob in 1772; with a sister Elizabeth in 1770. [It seems I may have mentioned a DAVID rather than JACOB; David was John's son; as you may note in the chart.]

Elozabeth married one of the earliest immigrants, and one of the largest family that propogated the region; UTZ, now americanized to OUZTS.

They all lived and died in the Old Edgefield District. There is also a large contingency of HOLLINGSWORTH, with the oldest, James ... and a couple of others close by ... being of the mid to late 1700 born date ... like 1766 and plus.

Speaking of spelling, how correct you are. In my own case, when my earliest surname ancestor arrived in 1764, Charles Towne, it was ZIMMERMAN. Then, off and on, up to about the Civil war years, it switched back and forth from with the 'T' to the 'Z' ... and after the war settled into the present day americanized version.

I hope this helps.

Chuck Timmerman

From: Cynthia
To: doonboggle@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009
Subject: Mr. Timmerman

I'm not sure where or how to begin to respond to your email. Not being a full fledged genealogist there is a lot I don't know about the Harlans/Harlins/Harlands/Harlings. I do know the name was misspelled too many in the first 100 years (at least) to even begin to count. People spelled names the way they sounded, not necessarily the way they were actually spelled. Thus the various spellings that have derived from George and Michael's descendants. I do know some of the Harlans left the Pennsylvania/Delaware area around the 1750 era and moved first to North Carolina and then on to South Carolina. There were also Hollingsworths who moved as the two families had married into the other over the years. Later, toward the end of the century many began to move to the north west and Tennessee was a stop and probably a permanent home to some.

If I knew more about the 3 ancestors you refer to - John, David and Michael possibly I could help you trace them back. Without more data - it's hard to help. I did find in the Harlan book that Samuel Harlan died in 1847 in Monroe County, KY. That is very close to the TN state line. The book also goes on to say that some of his children and grandchildren spell the name "Harlin" and "Harling". Samuel and Nancy had 10 children with Calvin being the youngest. Calvin very definitely used the Harling spelling. Another sibling Isaac and his wife Nancy moved to TN about 1839. So there are several references about individuals in the Harlan book who could tie into the 3 men you mention.

If you could provide me more information possibly I could help you further.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: doonboggle <doonboggle@yahoo.com>
Date: March 16, 2009
Subject: Re: Harlan Family Record, Spring 2009; Part Two

I have a request. Actually I have asked this in the past by posting to the HARLAN web site, and have not received any responses. Also have sent same request to other HARLAN descendants ... with same results.

Your articles rekindled my interest ... so I hope you won't mind my asking; particularly a name within the article ... HOLLINGSWORTH.

My dilemma lies in a paternal family branch of mine; namely HARLING. The line comes from South Carolina, and from the Edgefield district. For years I have 'suspected' a connection between the families; based entirely on the similarity of the names.

Some years ago I read in the HARLAN book of the details of the (I am going from memory, so if wrong in memory, please bear with me) HARLAN family members, think there were 2 brothers, who headed south from the base, down into the Tennesse region ... and, as the book says, 'were never heard from again'.

Tennessee is as you know, somewhat close to SC; but that does not, in my book, solidify anything yet. Our oldest HARLING individuals are within the same time frame, but again, not solidification as of yet ... due in the entirety of lack of documentation ourside of these 'gut feelings'.

My question is this: in the vast amount of work that the HARLAN family members have done over the years, has anyone documented an actual documentation between our families?

There are postings on the internet from others of our (former) group (I had a group a few years ago of related families) that have adopted the missing HARLAN brother(s) as the ancestors of our HARLING 3 brothers; John, David & MIchael; unfortunately without documentation other than the above 'gut feeling'.

It also becomes a bit more confusing when a name that you used in your first section of this 2-part email is applied ... HOLLINGSWORTH. This is another prominent name from the old sections of SC ... and the name is in the book as well.

So ... to close this rambling out, are you aware of any credible work that has been performed that documents a connection between the HARLAN and the HARLING families down in South Carolina?
Thank you.
Chuck Timmerman

From: Cynthia
Date: May 9, 2009

My initial search had turned up nothing, but I was not discouraged. The best way to do research is begin with yourself and work back one generation at a time. If you could give your parents dates of birth (and death if that is appropriate), then the dates for your grandparents as well that will give me a better place to start my search. What I did find is a Daniel Harlan born in 1793 in Maryland. He married Margaret Mobley in 1824 in Belmont Co., OH. Although a child is not listed as Daniel another listing gives them a son named Daniel who was born in 1832 and married twice, once to Louisa Jane Voorhees in 1860 and in 1866 to Rachel Huggins
Do any of these names sound familiar? If you can provide me with more information I will continue to see what I can discover.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: Geoboll383@aol.com
To: Cynthia
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009

my name is Georgia Harlan-Bollinger, I saw on the Harlan website someone looking for descendents of Harlans of Belmont county Ohio, my grandfather was born in Belmont county, His father was Daniel Harlan.
I want to look further into my family tree but really dont know much about how. If you could help me it would be very much appreciated. Daniel Harlan was married to Margaret jA Mobley., also spelled Mobberly.
Please let me know if you have any info going back further. Thank you

jGeorgia Harlan-Bollinger Marion Ohio

From: cr.rhoades@comcast.net
Subject: Harlan/Hollingsworth quilt
Date: May 4, 2009

History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family book to discover the links you mentioned.
It appears that 2 brothers, William Amoss Harlan and Caleb Harlan married sisters, Sarah Benson and Pamelia Benson. William and Sarah married in 1832 in the Little Falls Meeting in Harford County, MD and Caleb and Pamelia married in 1837. Many of the names on the quilt are also listed as signers of each marriage certificate. The Hollingsworths and the Harlans have been linked together since both families arrived in the new world and even prior to that in Ireland.
The Harlan book states that William and Sarah moved to Michigan in 1853 along with their children. Caleb and Pamelia moved to Noble County, OH in 1841. I don't find any marriages to Hollingsworths so am not sure how the 2 families were actually linked in this instance.
The book relates that "from the Baltimore Monthly Meeting records the information is gained that John Harlan at the time of his marriage was residing in the city of Baltimore. The eldest two children were born there, which indicates that it was there that they began housekeeping".
But back to your original question. The Harlans and Hollingsworths both settled in the Chester County, PA area where they were considered respected and upstanding citizens. Although I do have access to the Hollingsworth family line I don't personally have a book to trace that line. I do hope this is helpful. Personally I would like to see the quilt given to the Chester County, PA Historical Society since the Harlans have made a number of donations to them. But then others might have another suggestion. I know there are people who can date quilts in my locality (Indiana) but there are experts probably in your area as well.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: cr.rhoades@comcast.net
Subject: Re: Harlans of Wayne and White Counties, IL
Date: May 4, 2009

I have spent some time checking the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and cannot find the connections you have listed. Normally when a person is tracing their family they work from themselves and go backward. Not having the information to work backward I looked for the names of William H. Harlan but found none that had a birth year of 1810. I looked for Jane Davis and Hannah Leslie and found neither name. I went back through the list of William H. Harlans looking for one who had a spouse with the name of Grubb and/or Mary Ann Hood Boswell thinking the birth date might be off but found nothing there. But I did find a Isaac Harlan born 1747 who was the son of a John. Isaac is listed as the first of 5 children of John but the only other information included in "The Harlan Family" book is that Isaac raised a large family. Isaac's father John was born in 1716 in Chester Co., PA, died in Frederick (now in Washington) Co., MD, date unknown and was married to Martha Ashby.

I wish I could have been more helpful. I know how frustrating it is to try to link generations together. I think your best plan of action would be to use census records since you're looking for a link once census records proved to be a more detailed record. If I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: Stephen.Kinney@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Harlan's of Wayne and White County, Illinois
Date: April 22, 2009

My grandmother was a Harlan, her maidenname was Mary Mae Harlan. In placating my mother I started working on the family history. From that endeavor I have collected an extensive listing for the Harlan's of Wayne and White County, which are descended from Isaac Harlan (born 1747 and died 1778).

I am stumped, though, on one part of the lineage. That is who the father of our William Harlan is (see below). According to my aunt's notes from the 1940, William's father was believed to be either George Harlan or his brother Isaac Davis Harlan, both of whom are the sons of Isaac Harlan and Jane Davis.

Aunt Ozella was sure that George was the father but I‚€™ve was once shown an excerpt from an article written in 1917-1918 that indicates his father was Isaac (wish I had that excerpt).

The court and government documents dealing with William (military service, estate arbitation, census, et al) are clear on several facts:

1) He was born 1810 in Kentucky.
2) He died in 1854 in Illinois.
3) He served in the Black Hawk War.
4) His borther, who arbitrated his estate, was one Isaac Harlan.

In some of the documents he is listed as William H, in others he is listed as William K. Since all the documents deal with the same events, and list the same children, I pretty sure that they are not dealing with two different individuals.

If Isaac Davis Harlan was his father then he could be William Kelly Harlan. The problem with that, though, is that William Kelly is recorded as being born about 1813 in Lincoln, TN and dying 1847 in Randolph, MO. Neither the dates nor places match.

I have found no information about George except that he might have been married to Hannah Leslie on January 19, 1803, in Mecklenburg, North Carolina.

Here is what I have on William:

William H Harlan1 William was born about 1810 in Butler County, Kentucky and died 1854 at or near his home in Arlington Township, Wayne County, Illinois. Family history says he was buried on his property.

William and his brother, Isaac, travelled to Wayne County, Illinois together where William served in the Blackhawk War (1831-1833) for 3 months in 1832. He enlisted at Fairfield, Wayne County on 10 May 1832. When he was 36 years old (1846) he was granted bounty land from the U. S. Government in Wayne County, Illinois.

William's first wife is unknown, but believed to be a Grubb.

They had the following children:

M i. Mary (Polly) A Harlan Born 1830/1831 in Kentucky and died 1879 in Illinois.
M ii. John Calvin Harlan Born 1834 in Illinois.
F iii. Winnie Jane Harlan Born 1838 in Illinois
M iv. Phillip Jackson Harlan Born 1840 in Illinois, killed in action July 28, 1864 at the Battle of Ezra Church in Fulton County, Georgia.
M v. Daniel Turney Harlan Born 10 February, 1842, Wayne County, Illinois and died 1903, in Wayne County, Illinois.
M vi. William Jefferson Harlan Born 1845 in Wayne County, Illinois and died in Kan

William's second marriage was to Mary Ann Hood (Boswell). They were married 9 September, 1849, in Fairfield, Illinois. Mary brought her daughter, Sarah Ellen Boswell (born 21 February, 1846 and died 5 May, 1876), to the marriage.

They had the following children:

F vii. Cynthia Ann Harlan Born 1850 in Wayne County, Illinois
F viii. Parmelia (Amelia) Harlan Born 1852 in Wayne County, Illinois and died before 1888 in (Four-Mile), Wayne County, Illinois
M ix. Thomas S. (L.) Harlan Born 1854 in Wayne County, Illinois and died 1858 in Wayne County, Illinois

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From: harlanjay@cox.net
Subject: RE: Harlan genealogy research question
Date: February 21, 2009

Dan, you have asked a very good question. The only clue that we have in how Alpheus gathered his data is in reading the Preface in his book. As far as documentation, one can only assume that he kept the data that he acquired through many different methods. If I remember correctly, most of the documents had been destroyed, but I don‚€™t remember if it was due to a fire or what. John Harlan, our treasure, probably knows more about it than anyone in the family organization.

As to trying to locate Lydia (Harlan) Milson burial site, the only thing that I can offer is trying libraries looking for old newspapers. I did a search for Mount Moriah Cemetery and found a web site for it, but there is not much information on it. It does state that it is a very large cemetery and they are trying gather data. You may try contacting someone through the website to see if they could help you in any way. As you have stated, according to Alpheus Harlan‚€™s book she was buried at Dover, Kent Co., Del., but it may possibly be incorrect as we have found inconsistency‚€™s, which should be of no surprise, as it would have been quite a task to obtain all the data that is in the book.

I am sorry that I cannot be of more help. You might try posting a message on the Harlan Family website inquiring about Lydia‚€™s burial site, and maybe someone could help you.

Junior F. Harlan
Site Coordinator/Vice President

From: J Daniel Donboch <imjdd@hotmail.com>
Date: February 17, 2009
Subject: Harlan genealogy research question

I have a copy of "Alpheus Harlan's History and Genealogy...." and his research detaisl amaze me, as I am sure it does for others. How could he have traveled around in the 1800's acquiring such detailed, personal data? Did Alpheus leave any supporting documents to indicate where he located some of the details? Perhaps the location of family bibles or church records. I would like to locate the burial site of Lydia HARLAN #1078 (page 310). Her married name was MILSON and she lived in Philadelphia. But the book indicates that she died at Dover, Kent County, DE, which is about 100 miles south of Philadelphia. I did find the Kent County, DE civil record of her death, which is just a list showing the date and cause of death, so I know this is a fact. However, there is no indication of where she was buried. Most of her immediate family, including her husband are buried in Philadelphia. I am guessing she was visiting in Dover at the time of her death. I do have a record that her daughter, Lydia, married a Joseph HARRIS who originally was from Dover, DE, so she may have been visiting that family at the time. So my question is, is there any record of how Alpheus may have come to know that Lydia died in Dover, DE?


From: Cynthia
Subject: Irish Harlan(d)s
Date: February 21, 2009

Your question about the Harlans in Lurgan area of Ireland is not something I am familiar with. As the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family begins with the 3 brothers - Thomas, George and Michael the author Alpheus explains that the brothers after reaching manhood went to Ireland. George married there in 1678 and Michael was still single when he and George came to America in 1687. Thomas married there in 1680, but all records indicate he never ventured to the new world and is buried at the Lurgan Meeting House. No doubt you know a lot of this history.

I did go to the Harlan website and read the article you referenced. From what I read the author, John H. Harland, did say, "My own family believes we are descendants of Thomas, but there were other Harlands in the Lurgan area, and this claim, and hence our claim of connection to the Harlan Family in America, is beyond proof or disproof."

He goes on further to say, " Harlands are to be found in the Lurgan area to this day, and I know that some members of the Harlan Family Association have had the opportunity to meet Jim Harland and his charming wife Lillian, who live in Lurgan. He is of particular interest, in that he must be a descendant of Thomas Harland, brother of George and Michael, since following a tradition going back over three hundred years, the family are still members of the Lurgan Quaker Meeting.

I'm not sure I have addressed your question but I hope I have been able to provide some possible food for thought. If I can be of further help feel free to contact me.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: T.Harland@cfertech.com
Subject: Just a note
Date: February 17, 2009

I happen across this site and was reading about the Irish Interlude. My father Thomas Harland is from the Lurgan area and the Jim and Lillian Harland from Lurgan / Portadown area are my cousins (Jim). I remember years ago my uncle Joe Harland, Jim‚€™s father received a visit from some Americans tracing their heritage in the area. The family seems to have a on going rumour to links with Sir Edward James Harland of Harland and Wolff, but of course he and his wife were childless. But, then one never knows what went on in the 1800‚€™s!

Tim Harland
Edmonton, Alberta

From: egcolley@sbcglobal.net
Date: February 11, 2009
Subject: An Emma Harlan is my Grandmother, and she was married to Henry Schippers

now nothing of the Harlan family, and would like to learn more. My mother, Nancy Elizabeth Schippers was born in Thayer, Missouri and she married James Samuel Rea lll, of Wesson, Mississippi in 1943. If any of this is known in your family, please contact me.
Emagrace Rea Colley