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November 2010
I'm interested in any information about specific freight and passenger cars produced by Harlan & Hollingsworth in Wilmington, DE. Ideally this would be in the form of ledgers of orders received or rail cars shipped, but any fragmentary data would be appreciated, especially any earlier than 1901.

Eric Neubauer
Coplay, PA

October 26, 2010


My name is Tom McMillan. I apologize in advance J but I am early in the stages of researching my family history, and I am an “amateur” at this – enthusiastic, but just learning my way. 

I know for sure that my great-great grandmother is Phebe Harlan and my great-great-great grandfather is Ezekial Harlan … and I am trying to determine if they are part of your Harlan family detailed on the website. I’ve learned enough not to take “leaps of faith.” I am planning to purchase the book from the Harlan family store, but I thought I’d take a shot at sending you an email and seeing if you could help me.  This can all get very confusing, especially with so many similar names!! … (The website is amazing, by the way).

 Here is what I know, from my personal research:

 My great-great grandmother is Phebe Harlan ( I have also found it spelled Phoebe, but Phebe is more predominant). She was born March 13, 1820 in Columbiana County, Ohio. She was married on March 17,1846 to William McMillan in Centre, Columbiana County, Ohio. She died on June 9, 1901 in Halcyon, Jackson County, Wisconsin.

 One of the sons of Phebe and William was Harlan Newton McMillan – my great-grandfather. 

Obviously, her family surname must have been very important to her, since she used it as the first name for one of her sons (To complete my line to the present day, Harlan McMillan was the father of Walter McMillan, who was the father of Thomas McMillan – and Thomas is my father).

 I have obtained William McMilllan’s Civil War pension records from the National Archives. They include pension applications filed by Phebe, with the assistance of her son, Harlan.

 Included in the application is an affidavit written on their behalf by Phebe’s brother, Samuel Harlan. Samuel’s affidavit states that the marriage of Phebe and William was “solemnized in my presence at my father’s house, in the town of Center, Columbiana County, in the state of Ohio.” 

An additional document, a “declaration for invalid pensions,” is signed by both Harlan McMillan and Henry Harlan ( I believe the actual signature is Henry F. Harlan but am not quite sure of the middle initial). I believe that Henry was a brother of both Phebe and Samuel. 

Phebe, William and Harlan McMillan are all buried at Bloom City Cemetery in Bloom Township, Richland County, Wisconsin. In the cemetery’s burial registry, Phebe’s parents are listed as Ezekial and Mary (Kirk) Harlan. 

I then went back to the 1850 federal census and found Ezekial and Mary Harlan listed in Centre, Columbiana County, Ohio (where Samuel said the marriage had taken place). Ezekial was listed as 59 years old and Mary as 56. Phebe was not included in the census listing because she had already married at the time, but, sure enough, there were listings for Samuel (25), Drusilla (20), Ann (17) and Henry (13). I am assuming that this is the same Henry who signed the pension affidavit, referenced above. 

That census lists Ezekial’s probable birth year as 1791 and says he was born in Pennsylvania. 

That is all I have been able to find on him.Are my Harlans part of your Harlan line?

 One other piece of circumstantial evidence is the story on your site of the Civil War hero George W. Harlan of the 65th Ohio He is listed as being from Columbiana County, Ohio. I don’t want to take too much of a leap of faith but think it is certainly possible that the Harlan families living in Columbiana County, Ohio at the same time were related. 

(PS … as an aside, I am a Civil War buff. There actually is a sketch of George Harlan in the book, “This Terrible Sound: The Battle of Chickamauga” by Peter Cozens. It is on page 414 – “Keep the flags well up.” Sergeant George Harlan waves the colors of the Sixty-fifth Ohio atop the knoll) 

I appreciate it, Cynthia, if you’ve even made it through all of this. You probably get inundated with these kinds of requests I just thought it was worth sending you an inquisitive email with some details before buying the book. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


Tom McMillan


Mr. McMillian,

    I was ready to give up when I finally found your line in the Appendix which is Thomas' line.  Thomas was a brother to George and Michael but Thomas never actually came to America according to the Harlan Family History.  Thomas' grandson George #12 came in 1761 settling in Chester Co., PA and married Mary Harris in 1763.  George #12 was supposedly the son of James #7 but the book does not actually confirm that. Son Henry #18 married Lydia Gause and they later moved to Columbiana Co. OH.  Their son Ezekiel #39 married Polly Kirk in 1793.  In turn Phebe #67 was born a twin to Hannah.   There is no further record of Hannah listed in the Harlan book and the only information on Phebe is she married someone named McMillan. 

    This confirms the information you have about the Harlan line.  There is a notation about James being the father of George and says he was "suppose to be the father" of George.   It has a footnote that says "there was a James Harland who secured lands in America in 1701.  He was not the father of Thomas, George and Michael; he may have been a brother.  It is true that he is not mentioned as being present at either the marriage of George or Thomas, but for that matter, neither was Michael.  But after all of that is said, it seems to me that Alpheus was confident in adding thomas' line.

    I hope you find this information helpful.  I think you will be pleased when you do purchase a copy of the book. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy


Wow. Thank you so much for the quick and detailed response. I to order the book this afternoon, and will try to dig through all of this. 

As an aside, being a McMillan, it is funny to see the line “married someone named McMillan.” 

I guess the thing that struck me the most was that Phebe named her son “Harlan.” … the family name must have meant a lot to her. 

Does this mean I can add my name to the list on the website? I’d only want to do that if you approve.

 Thank you again … !!


October 01, 2010

I'm a Harland descendant looking for information on the Line of Thomas Harland, the Appendix of the Harlan family book.  William Harlan was b. 1806, PA s/o Thomas Harlan 1773/74 and Elizabeth Gregg (No. 1479).

William was married to a Sarah UNKNOWN and they had two sons born in Mt. Holly, Burlington Co, NJ.   Frank b. 1839 and William Henry Harlan (Jr., I believe) b. 1843.  This family moved by covered wagon to Paducah KY in 1849 to work in the Langstaff mills of McCracken Co, KY. The family lived there and spread from there.

 I have been searching for many years now to find out who Sarah UKNOWN is.  She was born 1802 NJ and married William Harlan.  According to the NJ Dept. of Vital Statistics, they did not marry in NJ.   They may have married in PA or, anywhere for that matter....  If anyone has any information on who Sarah might be or would like to share information on this line, please contact me at neenee1957@att.net.

 Also, would love to hear from others searching this line- the THOMAS HARLAND line. I have lots of information on William's siblings, their families, etc.  Is there a link on the Harlan website for this line where I might meet with others searching this line?

 Thanks for your help,



    Since the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family is the basic source that I use to help people with their research I have no new information to give to you.  It appears you have done a lot of work on your own and know some of where the family moved to

    Since the Harlan book only gives information you already know I went to LDS FamilySearch.org website and check the census records.  I found some very interesting information.  According to the 1850 census the family was living in the Paducah, McCracken County, KY area.  At that time Frank and Wm. Henry are both listed as being eleven (11) years of age possibly indicating they were twins.  By the 1870 census only Frank is listed as a member of the household along with a young woman by the name of Mary which makes me wonder if she might be Frank's wife since she was born in IL.   The 1870 census lists William so he was still alive at that time and it also gives Sarah's middle initial as W.  I wonder if that could be the initial of her maiden name?  It also says she was born in NJ which you already know.  Church records are always a place to look if you have any idea what denomination they were members.  

    These census records are actual copies of the originals so it should be fairly accurate.  From there I would go to the KY census and land records to see what else you can discover.  William is listed as an engineer in 1870 and a millwright in 1850. If you continue to dig and search you will find more.  If I can be of any more help feel free to contact me again.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

 September 30, 2010
Subject: Elijah Hollingsworth

 I am researching about a home I lived in from 1947-1963. It is now on the National registry.I have researched the references listed on the National Registry nomination form. but they had very few actual historical facts.  I have found an archival photograph of this house dated 1860-70... no other information is available.There are what appears to be a women and possibly 2 young adults standing at the entrance.

I have also found information that this home was sold to Elijah Hollingsworth, May 23, 1860. I believe it is the Elijah Hollingsworth of the Harlan and Hollingsworth Co. In Wilmington,DLThis home is between New Castle and Wilmington,DL.

Would you have information on Elijah's Hollingsworth's family and residence? ...or know where I may locate this information. I have tried to contact the Hollingsworth family but with no success.

Sincerely, Jacquelyn Wells Drewett



I am working on your question.  The Harlan history has very limited information on later Hollingsworths.  I will contact the Hollingsworth organization and see if I can find any information for you.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

September 26, 2010

To briefly introduce myself, I live in Austin, Texas and am a member of the lineage of Isaiah Harlan who migrated here with his family around 1834. My father has a copy of the 'Harlan Family in America' books and he and I are both listed in it, though I don't remember our lineage numbers.
I have read online about the lineage of George and Michael Harlan being traced back to a Henry Harland (b. 1522 in North Riding, Yorkshire, UK). Unfortunately, I don't have a 'primary source' to cite for this information. I'm wondering if this matches with any information you have gathered. Honestly, my underlying question is:
how far back in history has the line been traced?

I'm sure you probably get this question alot, but I thought you might
be one of the best sources to query. Any information you can give
would be greatly appreciated.

warm regards,
Ray Harlan

   I must admit I have not worked on the Harlan line prior to their arrival in America in 1687 although I know many of the descendants have done so. The Harlans have taken several trips back to England where the family originated.  Many of those people probably have updated information about the family prior to 1625 which is the earliest post in the book.  I think by posting this on the Harlan Association website might be the best way for you to learn from others who have done more research.  I hope our webmaster will post this for others to read and respond.  Hopefully you will get some answers to your questions.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

 September 19, 2010

Ms Rhoades: 

My name is Christine Wells Leddon and I am working on the genealogy of my mother's people in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Recently, I was forwarded copies of my great-aunt Ellamay's research notes and in the notes she had left a copy of Pg. 747 of "The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" and on this page she had underlined the information for #8477 James McClary and his wife Elizabeth Sutch McClary.   

 Can you tell me what this notation means, and how it relates to your website?   James and Elizabeth's daughter Mary Elizabeth McCleary McDonald (wife of Thomas G. McDonald of  Youngstown, OH) named one of their sons:  James "Harlan" McDonald (my maternal  g-grandfather), so I'm sure he fits into the family "tree" somewhere, I'm just not sure how to go about verifying  (and submitting) it. 

I appreciate any help you might be able to provide.  

Best Regards, 

Christine Wells Leddon


Ms. Leddon,

    The Harlan family follows the numbering system called Ahnentafel which allows one to derive an ancestor's number without compiling the list and allows one to derive an ancestor's relationship based on their number.  Thus your earliest ancestor listed in the Harlan Family History is #4 Michael and the youngest is James #8477.  All in all that spans 8 or 9 generations.  As I frequently tell people who make inquiries the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family is available to purchase through our website.  It would give you much more information about each generation including where they lived, birth, death, dates, etc. 

    Your great aunt's notes were correct in that James McClary is listed as #8477 in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family. 

James is the son of Hannah Reynolds and Thomas McClary.  Hannah #3881 is the daughter of #1286 Mary Harlan and Richard Reynolds. 

Mary is the daughter of James Harlan #336 and Elizabeth Swayne. 

James is the son of Isaac Harlan #79 and Hannah Few.

Isaac is the son of Thomas Harlan #16 and Mary Carter.

Thomas is the son of Michael Harlan #4 and Dinah Dixon.  Michael was born about 1660 in England and came to America in 1687 when he accompanied his brother George.  Michael married Dinah around 1690.
    I hope you find this information helpful and interesting.   Genealogy can be very interesting and fun.  If I can be of further help feel free to contact me again.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

September 08, 2010

Hey Cynthia,

I am having trouble finding records of a relative to make the link. My grandfather has verbally confirmed but I haven't been able to track anything down on google. 

So here's what I've got going down:

Levi Harlin
b. July 4, 1864- d Nov. 7, 1896 Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory
Parents:  Ezekial Harlan and Rachel Sands

My grandfather, John K. Harlin Jr., said his grandparents were Levi and Annie Harlin.   Levi died right after John K. Harlin Sr was born (Feb. 18, 1897). So that seems to match up.  I can't find a record of this though. They had two kids, John K. Harlin Sr. and Ezekial Harlin.  I'm not sure who Annie was either. I don't have a last name for her. All I know is that she is supposed to be Irish. 

I'm assuming the line goes:

John K Harlin Jr.
John K harlin Sr.
Levi Harlin
Ezekial Harlin
Eli Harlin
George Harlan
Ellis Harlan  ...etc. etc...

Can you help confirm the Levi link with his wife and kids????


William Harlin Sinclair


Mr. Sinclair,

    After much looking the only link I find that is even a slight possibility is for Ezekiel Harlan #23 born in 1707 in Chester Co., PA.  He and his wife Hannah Oborn had a son named Ellis #121 who married Catherine (?) (full blooded Cherokee).  At some time Ellis had moved to NC, TN and GA and married Catherine in GA.  The Cherokees did not use last names and Catherine was the daughter of Kingfisher. There is more information about Catherine's background, but nothing that is of help in the situation.  Ellis and Catherine had 7 children: Nancy, Sallie, Ruth, Elizabeth, George, Ezekiel and Susannah. That is basically all of the information that is available.  It is my understanding that it is very difficult to trace individuals with the Cherokee nation.  I wish I could be of more help. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

September 08, 2010

Dear Ms. Rhoades:
I recently enrolled with ancestry.com, interested in researching my family tree (of course). Through my initial research, I was able to find some very useful connections to family information, and happened upon the Harlan family website. Much to my surprise and excitement, I discovered a wonderful family connection. I am a direct descendant of George Harlan, one of the two brothers who emigrated from England to America in 1687! Moreover, I learned there is to be a Harlan family reunion in San Antonio, TX in 2012, where my grandmother, Matilde Harlan Villarreal (1917-1987) resided, my father, Bruno F. Villarreal was born in 1941, and I, and my two sisters Desiree Marie Villarreal and C'Leste Michelle Villarreal-Pargas reside. I would love any information on the upcoming reunion and to share our family information.  Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Bruno Villarreal, Ph.D.

    You have already discovered the best way to get information about the 2012 reunion in San Antonio.  Our Harlan newsletter is published twice a year and there will be updates in each issue between now and the time to make reservations for the reunion itself.  As the board meets and makes decisions the information will be published in the newsletter.  The hotel has been selected to serve as the central location for most of the events during the reunion.  Most likely you have seen that information posted on the Harlan website. As has been the custom in the past there will be areas in the hotel where people can visit and share their family histories.  If you have information that proves your line connects to the Harlans the Harlan organization has an individual who continues to add updates on a regular basis.  I don't see that address posted but contact can be made if you choose to share that information at some point.   We look forward to you and your family becoming part of our "extended" family and joining the fun in 2012.  If I can be of further assistance let me know.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

 September 19, 2010

Hello!  I am a descendant of Charity E. Harlan born 02/08/1840, and she the daughter of David K. Harlan (b. 01/01/1803) and married to Gulierma (sp?) from Ohio.  Can you tell me how (or if they are) descendants from one of your three Harlans that came to America

I'd appreciate any info you can provide.

Thanks, Tricia Farquhar


    I am so pleased to be able to tell you about your ancestors.   David, #1732, married Gulielma Howland in Warren Co., OH.  The Harlan Book relates that "Uncle David" was a grand good man, and loved by all who knew him. He died at a ripe old age (86), the eldest, yet the last, of his father's family to pass away.  Charity, #4793, married Elwood Hale and they had 3 children.   I'm guessing you must descend from #9685 Minnie who married Salathial Farquhar in 1892. 

    But back to your original question............ David's father was William, #474, who married Charity Kimbrough.  They had 11 children with David being the 5th child. 

    William's father was #119 Enoch born in 1745/6 in Chester Co. PA.   Enoch's wife was Edith Carter. 

    Enoch's father was #22 William who was born in 1702 in Chester Co. PA.   William married Margaret Farlow. 

    William was the only child of #5 Ezekiel and Mary Bezer.  Ezekiel was born in Ireland in 1679 before his mother died.  Ezekiel later married   Ruth Buffington and they had several more children.  Ezekiel was the oldest child of #3 George and Elizabeth Duck when his parents came to America in 1687.   

    That's your family tree in a nutshell.  If you would like to know more the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family is available to purchase (see the Harlan website).  Also many libraries and museums have copies of the book available for people to look at.  I am so happy I could help you trace your line. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

 June 12, 2010 

Hi there,  

I happened on your site because I was researching Harlan S. Geldermann, the son of Mrs. A.J. Geldermann of Danville. Harlan, born in 1923 grew up in El Nido. As a realtor and developer, Harlan developed much of the San Ramon Valley and was responsible for creating Round Hill Country Club. 

Checking out her obituary, It turns out Mrs. Geldermann, whose maiden name was  Carmen Minerva Stolp, was the daughter of Frederick Augustus Stolp and Adeline Elmina (Harlan) Stolp, so it appears she was related, at least distantly to Elisha C. Harlan. Are you familiar with how El Nido changed hands? I'd appreciate any insight.





    Your letter poses an interesting question.  Since our family history was originally published in 1914.  Unfortunately the names you list are not included in our History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.  You mention Elisha C. Harlan who is listed in our book.  He was the son of Joel and Minerva J. Fowler.   Interestingly (to me anyway) is the fact that Joel was born in Wayne County, IN where I now reside.  Elisha was born in San Francisco, CA in 1850 and married Elmira Plamdoun in 1872, but there is no further information on Elisha.  Joel died in San Ramon in 1875.  Beyond that I can't provide any further information. 

    I do want to say there are many Harlan descendants living in CA today who most likely know about the connection you are researching.  When this is published on the Harlan message center hopefully you will get some response from descendants who can provide your missing links.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

 May 28, 2010


I am researching the family of Anne (“Nancy”) Harland, who was born in Maryland abt. 1787-1789, and married to James Talbott (1758-1855).  They were married on 8 Jan 1817 in Jefferson Co., OH.  She died in 1867 in Smithfield, Jefferson Co., OH.  They had at least  three children, probably more.  The only ones I know about are Harriet, Mary (“Polly”) and Matilda, all born in  Ohio between 1828 and 1834.

I have no other information on her personal family history.  Any ideas?

Thank you.  Jim Brengle

James K. Brengle


Mr. Brengle,

    The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family is a wonderful resource most of the time.  Unfortunately I find no listing for James Talbott nor do I find an Anne (Nancy) Harlan(d) with a birth date that coincides with the information you have provided.  For that reason I am unable to provide any information even to corroborate what you currently have.  I have looked at some other sources online and continue to come up empty handed.  I wish I had been able to provide you with some new information.  Do you know who Anne's parents were?  

This new information was taken from a website that I have recently learned about called FamilySearchLabs which is part of the LDS website.  It has more information than what you had given me although it does not give the missing information on Nancy Harland.  Surprisingly I had put that information into the regular LDS site and came up empty handed.  This does list the person who supplied the information.  Possibly you could contact her and get more information.  I will be interested in knowing if you are able to obtain any new information.  This still doesn't tell us who her parents are.

 name:James TALBOTT


Gender: Male


Birth:1758 Feb 15, Anne Arundel, Maryland


Death: 1855 Mar 9Smithfield, Jefferson, Ohio




Marriages (2) spouse:

Nancy HARLAND (afn: T9KF-NG )


1817 Jan 8
Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio


Show children (3)






1779 Abt
, Baltimore Or, Frederick, Maryland

Submitters (1):



USA 89117

If I can be of any possible help in the future please contact me. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

May 17, 2010

Subject: George Harlan and Susanna Borton

A while back I had e-mailed you regarding information on Lydia Olive Harlan daughter of George and Susanna Borton. You e-mailed back stating that you did not have any further information on her.  I am happy to announce I just found her.   In the 300 years of Borton History. It states that Lydia Olive Harlan was married twice. The first time to Almancie Miller. The second time to a John Sturgis.  She was married to a John Sturgeon, not Sturgis

She married John Sturgeon 1/6/1903 in Williams County, Ohio. She died at Toledo State Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, but she is buried next to her mother, stepfather and sister in Franklin Cemetery, Fulton County, Ohio 

Rochelle Begovatz 


    It's wonderful to know you have solved a missing link for Lydia Harlan.  I will forward your information on to Fred Harlan who is the keeper of the updates.  A wrong spelling does make such a difference as this proves.  The Harlan Family book does not list either man's name.  You did not give her death date.  That would be most helpful to have.  Also wonder if she had children with either husband.  Any additional information would be appreciated.  Thank you for the update. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

 Thursday, May 13, 2010
Subject: Josiah Harlan during the Revolutionary War

 While doing research on Silas Harlan #215, we ran across a Josiah Harlan who was also a major with George Rogers Clark at Fort Jefferson, Kentucky. (The Calendar and Quartermaster books of George Rogers Clark's for Fort Jefferson by Kenneth Charles Carsten) We are currently unable to find any genealogy on Josiah Harlan and are wondering if anyone has found him yet. We are at this point assuming he was a sixth generation Harlan, but are unable to pinpoint a fifth generation Harlan who is most likely to be his father. Benjamin Harlan #28 said to have died at sea, could have somehow survived and not returned home. Stephen #49 or Moses #50 could have had another child that was not recorded. Please let me know if you have any ideas, or know anyone who has already found this information. Ancestry.com does not have any entries of this Josiah Harlan either.
Evelyn Harlan 

Dear Evelyn,

    Having The Harlan Family book as my main source for research I have come up empty handed in finding any information on this Josiah Harlan you have found.   The youngest of the Josiahs listed in the book was born in 1799 so he wouldn't have even been born before the American Revolution was over.  As you mentioned Ancestry.com doesn't list this man either.  Speculating is fine if you have a something concrete to even begin.  I have learned in doing research that all links have to be documented in order to be considered true.  Possibly this will spur someone else who has knowledge of this particular Josiah Harlan to come forward with the missing information.  That is part of the purpose of the message section of the website.  Missing links are a challenge to many people and drives them to continue searching.  I wish you good luck with this mystery.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

 May 09, 2010

Subject: Fwd: Old Harlan Cemetery/Union District SC 


 George Harlan #189 is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather (Samuel #40, Aaron #8, George #3, James #1), and I will be visiting Union District this summer learn more about the area's history and about his Revolutionary War service there. The Harlan book notes that he was buried in "Harlan Cemetary" in Union District, South Carolina. Have any Harlan family members visited the area? If so, I would be deeply appreciative to know where Harlan Cemetary is located so that I might visit and pay my respects for his patriotic service.  I am hopeful that the cemetary is still there as it was in 1798 or that someone knows what happened to it if it was incorporated into a larger cemetary. 

Warmest regards,

Alison Harlin DiNardo  

        To my knowledge no one has ever found the actual cemetery.  The method the people used in 1700s to identify landmarks using trees, rocks, creeks, etc. make it almost impossible today to find those locations without more concrete evidence.  I know many Harlan descendants have tried to locate the actual site but found nothing. 

    Hopefully by now the location of the Union/Lauren County, South Carolina Harlan Cemetery has been discovered by someone and can be shared with the many descendants of those buried there.  What a celebration that would be!  We can hope. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

January 20, 2010

 I have a scrap of a letter written by Mary Harlan  It says G. James, Read, & his M....

2nd line: & John Read, the girls  

3rd line: Catharine Read & A

4th line: My fathers name is J

5th line: Ann, I was born June

6th line: James Harlan April 12 ( I can't quite read this)

7th line; Maryland, by Parson Runk(h)ol. My father was

8th line: I can't quite read this but I think its Kernal in the Revolutionary War. My sister

9th line: Sarah was born July 1774 My sister Catharine was

10th line: born 1777. Brother Joseph Wood was born Jan 9th,

11th line: 1780. I left Maryland i think in 1799. I had

12th line: three children previous to moving

13th line: To this i set my hand and seal as a true record to

14th line: the best of my recollection

and its signed Mary Harlan. I would be happy to send to you. I wish the letter had remained in tack. It was probably from some old book my parents had.

 I prefer to send to a direct descendent

                           Susan Clarke
Dear Susan,

    Thank you for sending this information.  I was about to give up finding any link to the people that are mentioned in this paper that you have.  I find it very interesting.  The Mary Harlan you refer to was the wife of James Harlan, #814.  James married Mary Ann Wood who was the daughter of Joseph and Ann Reed Wood of Hagerstown, MD.  James and Mary moved from MD to Mercer Co., KY in 1799 and in 1818 moved to Scott County, IN.  Their children were: Eli, Catherine, Sarah, Elizabeth, Nancy Ann, Joel, Ruth, Joseph, Ephraim, George, Eliza and Maria. 

    I am not really sure how to proceed since you would like to see that a direct descendant receive the letter.  There is some follow up on the descendants for the children of James and Mary but they scattered and moved to various states.  I wonder if your location or where your parents lived would give a clue to where the descendants might live today.  Of course this is all speculation, but it should be interesting to try to track.  I hesitate to post your notice on our national website without more information.  Give me your thoughts.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

March 09, 2010


How interesting your last name is Rhoades...Ironically I'm writing about any Rhodes or Baird connection to a Harlan female.  The story goes that Harlan Baird is named after his grandmother who we think was his mom's mom.  His mother was Nancy Rhodes.   His grandmother is listed as a sister of Silas Harlan 1755-1792 who died at Blue Lick.  Silas is son of George #45 and Ann Hurst.  They had only two daughters I can find...one Catherine who married an Isaac Taylor even though she was reported as dying in infancy but the other one is Elizabeth born in 1758.  I can't find any information about her and I'm sure she didn't die in infancy just as her sister didn't since her mother wrote about her in her will in 1762.  If you can help me in any way I would be grateful.  Look forward to hearing from you!



 I can only use what information is listed in our book and it states that Catherine and Elizabeth both died in infancy.   Catherine in 1750 and Elizabeth in 1758.  I have spent a good deal of time this evening trying to find a connection for your family.  You did not give too many dates so I was using family names and searching that way.  #45 George Harlan's wife last name was Hunt not Hurst.  I looked up every Isaac Taylor listed and didn't find any married to a Catherine.  The Baird family name is almost nonexistent in the Harlan book, but there was no Harlan Baird. 

I then referred to the LDS website and tried the name of Catherine Harlan and Isaac Taylor and came up with nothing.  Catherine is listed as a child of George and Ann, but there is no other information other than her date of birth. 

Possibly if I had dates for each of those people I might find some link but at this point everything has been a dead-end.  If I can be of further assistance let me know.


 February 27, 2010

      Just found the wonderful Harlan Family website. I had started on my family tree when carrying my now 22 year old son but after he was born, life got in the way. Would very much like to pick it back up again. Need a little help getting started back up. If any one can connect with this info. I will go backwards. My mother is Rose Ellen Harlan born 1939 with 3 sisters Mary Lailoni (Lee), Gertrude Elizabeth (d) and Constance Maxine. Also a brother Robert Everett Jr (d) Their father was Robert Everett Sr(d) Mother Emily Elizabeth Mumford His sibs were James, John Louis, Walter, Ada, Mildred, Juanita (all deceased.) Their father was James Harlan Mother was Ada Venus Weinbrenner His sibs were John, Robert, Laura and Goldie Their  father was also a James Harlan married to Mary McCoullough. That is all the very basic info I have . Lots on the side branches but mostly family lore. Am working on tracking down documents

Thanks for any help given

Kathy Wiese

Southern Indiana


    Sorry I've been so slow to respond.  I think your email got buried.  Since the only date you provide was for your mother I used the last names of your grand and great grandmothers to search in the Harlan Family Genealogy.  I have come up empty handed so far.  Those last names are unusual enough that they should be easily found if that line of the family is incorporated in the book. 

    I also went to LDS website and tried putting in various combinations and came up mostly empty handed.  I found a James and Mary Harlan in the 1880 census living in IN.   They were both listed as age 46 or 48.  It said their parents were born in TN although they had been born in IN.  Do you have any background on where they lived or where they came from? 

I'll continue to search if you can provide me with more detailed information.  Dates and locations would be good. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy



Thank you so much for your reply. My grandfather Robert E Harlan was born in Indianapolis IN Though there is some conflict regarding that My great grand father James was born in 1892 . My mother says in Louisville KY (just across the river here) Says his parents James and Mary lived in Clarksville IN (still same area)Will have to do more digging when I get the other things straighten out and I am more settled.


PS I did order the book and the newsletter

 January 6, 2010

Good morning.  I have followed the HARLAN-HARLAND web site now for many years in trying to construct my ancestry line for my g grandmother's family of HARLING.  My oldest documented HARLING (believed to maybe HARLAN) is from the mid 1700's (John HARLING) with a father named Ezekiel and a mother whose name was Elizabeth PATTERSON.

With that, I have a request

Would you mind posting this to the query section.....

"In the 1790 census for South Carolina, Ninety-six district for Abbeville county, there is an Ezekiel HARLAN family of one (1) head of household, two (2) males over 16, and two (2) females over 16.  A couple of doors away is a PATTERSON family.

My question for readers of this posting is; does anyone know any information on the Ezekiel HARLAN in Abbeville, SC in 1790 census?  If you do, is the wife's information also available?
Chuck Timmerman"

Thank you for your consideration.

By the way, where are the archived messages older than 2009?  That's all that I was able to view today (messages link); but 10-12-or more years ago, could read earlier ones as well.  I wanted to view my postings from back then to see if any responses had been applied.

Chuck Timmerman

Mr. Timmerman,

    Your questions are some that are raised by many people seeking further information on their ancestors.  Your thought about publishing your request on the website is a good one in that others may have found the information you are searching.   I have researched the History and Genealogy of  the Harlan Family and have not found a single reference to an Ezekiel Harlan marrying an Elizabeth Patterson.  Nor did I find Ezekiel marrying a woman whose first or last name matched.  I wish I had been successful.  Good luck on your continuing research.

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy