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August 2011 

I have about 30 unidentified pictures that were the property of my late father-in-law, James Ray Harlan, (#5878). Many of the pictures were probably taken around the 1840's up through the early 1900’s. One of the pictures is an original picture of John Mulkey who established the “Old Mulkey Meeting House” in Monroe CO., KY back in the early 1800. James Ray Harlan’s great great grandparents were Samuel Harlan, (#688) and Nancy Fitzpatrick. Samuel was a member of the congregation and it is probably through him or his son George Harlan that the pictures were passed down from. If anyone would like to see the pictures in hope of identifying them, please let me know.
Scanned picture 1    Scanned picture 2

Mike Shaffer
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August 14, 2011 

Thank you so much for your email! Unfortunately, tracing my father's lineage has been quite a challenge as there are no more family members left. Our father, Robert Paul Harlan died when we were kids and he was an only child - although he did have two female cousins that were often referred to as his sisters. We know his mother was married at least three times. I have been exploring a bit on Ancestory.com but I don't know anything about my fathers family. I found a crude family tree that my mother wrote down and I think it goes like this...
- Our Dad - Robert Paul Harlan - born in Avoca, Iowa on November 10, 1926 / died August 7, 1969
- Dad's Dad - Robert John Harlan (we think that was his middle name and we think he was born in Pennsylvania around 1910)
- Dad's Grandfather - John Robert Harlan
- Dad's Grandmother - Amanda McLoughlin Harlan
- Dad' s "sisters" were Jackie (probably Jacqueline) and Sandy - I don't know their maiden names - Maybe Nelson?
My sister and I, along with my husband, are planning to come to San Antonio! We would LOVE to meet some relatives if we have any success with tracing Dad's lineage.
Thank you so much for your email! It was heartwarming to say the least...Thank you for anything you can do to help!,
John Franklin Harlan 8800

Kind Regards,

Kathleen "Harlan" Smith

After receiving a note from Ruth H. Lamb I did a bit of looking for you. Many times it is easy to find some help and other times proves fruitless. I found nothing in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family that was any help. I did some searching on the LDS website and found some census records that might be your ancestors but can't be sure. All of this information comes from the 1930 census. I will begin with your father, Robert Paul Harlan. I found a Robert Harlan born about 1927 and I must presume the record means that he was living in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, IA at the time of the census. It lists him as a stepson to Clarence B. Anderson and Helen Anderson who I presume was his mother. She was listed as being born in 1909 in Iowa. Next I found a Robert J. Harlan born in 1896 in PA and was living in Lewistown, Mifflin County, PA in the 1930 census. His mother is listed as Amanda Harlan and she was born around 1871 in PA. She is listed as widowed and it said that both of her parents were born in PA but they are not listed. The age for your Robert J. is off by a few years but 1910 would have been a bit young to have a son born in 1926, although not impossible. This may be of some help. I would suggest you might go to those counties in Iowa and PA to see if there is more information available. Death records might possibly have genealogical information about the parents. The marriage application would also be another resource for additional information if you can locate those at the county in which they lived. I hope this proves to be of some help. You can call or look online to see what each county requires to obtain records. In Mifflin Co., PA I would try to obtain information about Amanda McLoughlin first. I did go through the PA state archives and searched the period 1885-1889 for Amanda's marriage application, but when I plugged the last name Harlan it listed 43 pages! I will save that for you to look up. I wish you a successful journey and find some links that are helpful.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

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April 20, 2011 

My name is Jennifer Connally Harlan. I'm married to Raymond Louis Harlan, Jr. His family is out of Thornton, TX. I just got a postcard from Waco Independent School District that is looking for a Jennifer R Harlan who graduated there in 1996. I was wondering if you guys might know who they are looking for and get in touch with them. Thanks!

Jennifer C. Harlan
Admin Manager | Webmistress
Classical Music Consortium of Austin
P.O. Box 270245 • Austin, Texas 78727
(512) 989-0539
jen.c.harlan@gmail.com | jen.harlan@classicalmusicaustin.org

Thank you for thinking of us during your quest for information on the other Jennifer Harlan. Your request isn't one that we can respond to. Normally people write about their ancestors. Our most recent histories only go to about 1900. Anything later than that is almost non-existent other than in immediate families.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

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April 19, 2011 

Hello, My name is Brenda Zierden. I live in Eden Prairie MN. I think our family might be related to you. My mother was Wanda Mae Schmitz/Zierden.She just passed away January 11th 2011. My Mother's Mom was Myrtle Schmitz/Keller. She passed away in May 1985. My Grandma's Mother was Mattie Keller/Harlan. She was married to Edward Keller. She was born in Nebraska, she had six children. Then they moved to Iowa. After that they came to Wadena MN. That is all the information that I know of. My mother contacted a cousin in Branson Missouri. I am not sure of the name of that person. I saw your Harlan newsletter on the internet. Thought I would try to connect with you.
Thanks for your time. !

Brenda Zierden

I have not had any confirmation of your connection to the Harlan family. The only possible link I have found in through #2355 Anna Harlan who married Joseph W. Ruby in 1826. They had a son #6023, Harlan T. Ruby who married Lydia Fender in 1885 and moved to Van Buren Co., IA. The 2nd child of Harlan and Lydia Ruby was George who was born in 1858 who in turn married Martha Keller in 1888. From there no further record is available. I couldn't find any further information on George and Martha Keller Ruby. Of course that does nothing to actually tie your family to the Harlan family, but possibly it would give you something to work toward. As I usually tell people who are doing research the most affective way to trace your ancestors is to work backward from yourself to your parents, then grandparents, etc. Birth, marriage and death records usually provide some genealogy information that will lead you to the next generation. I wish I had been more helpful. Good luck with your research.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

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March 9, 2011 

I stumbled across the website and find it very fascinating! I have tried to research my Harlan lineage several times and keep hitting road blocks. I have been told by several family members that they too have hit road blocks after basically just getting started. My father is Dennis Harlan, born in 1949 in Moline, Illinois...still living. His father was Carrol Raymond Harlan born March 1918 and died January 1975...he was married to Mary Billingsley. Carrol's father was Charles R Harlan...aka Charlie or Charley. He was born in 1885 in Jefferson Iowa...not sure if thats the town or county. His wife was Bessie and he also married again to Nellie...I have been told that the kids were from Bessie though. This is where it gets tricky...Charles' dad is nowhere to be found. Family rumors say that he did something so bad that Charles said he made sure nobody would ever be able to dig up any information on him. So while researching Charles it looks like he was possibly adopted by his father's parents or his grandparents Isaiah (1844 in Indiana-1899?) and Elisabeth (Lizzie). Isaiahs father was Ezekiel S Harlan (Feb 1821 in Indiana to after 1890 in Wilsonville, Van Buren Iowa). Ezekiel married Nancy Polly(Polley, Pauley)...she was born 1816 to 1865...and thats where it stops...if that is even correct...Could you please help me with any information possible? If what I have is correct, that would be great to know, if not I would love corrections and accurate information...
Thank you for anything you can do to help!

s/ Amy Harlan Jenkins

I have hit a wall with your connection to the Harlan line you are hoping to connect to. The History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family does list Ezekiel and Isaiah with the dates you have mentioned. And your information is correct about them living in Van Buren County, IA. We can trace the family backward from Isaiah, but according to the book and I quote, "The compiler called on Isaiah and his wife in Aug. 1899 and found them pleasantly situated in the village of Wilsonville. (Iowa) No children." So at that time Isaiah's wife, Elizabeth Masterson, was 50 years old having been born in 1849. It is unlikely she would have had any children after that time although it is not impossible. I wish I could give a direct link to other information that would be beneficial. I searched the LDS website for social security, birth and death records for Carrol and Charles and came up empty handed. I feel that with more research on your part there is information that would possibly help you. Marriage applications many times have detailed information about the parents. If you can locate those ask for the additional genealogical information. Another resource is death records as many times they list genealogical information also.

Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

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