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Seeking Information on Henry Eugene Harlan
From: Tom Levensailor

I believe that Henry Eugene Harlan graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in 1882. I also believe that he was initiated in to the Beta Beta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Ole Miss in the fall of 1879. We believe that he was the sub rosa founder of the Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Vanderbilt University.

If anyone has any more information on Henry, please contact Tom Levensailor.

Seeking Picture of James M. Harlan #845
From: Letourneau, Melanie (USAKYE)

Our office is trying to locate images of all the US Attorney’s for Kentucky before the Commonwealth split into the eastern and western districts. James M. Harlan was a US attorney from 1861 to 1863 and father of John Harlan #2969. We have been unable to locate a picture or image and were hoping that you might be able to help us with this endeavor. The current US Attorney, Kerry B. Harvey would like to hang the 26 portraits in our office as recognition of their service to the United States. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Melanie LeTourneau

Secretary for U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey

Eastern District of Kentucky

260 W. Vine Street #300

Lexington, KY 40507-1612


Seeking Descendants of George Harlan #832
From: SusanLindsey@Savvy-Comm.com

I am a writer working on a nonfiction book about the colonization of Liberia, Africa, by American freeborn blacks and emancipated slaves. The book will focus on two groups of slaves from Christian County, Kentucky, who were freed and sent to Liberia.

One of the these groups of slaves belonged to George Harlan (#832). Four of the former slaves wrote letters back to America over the course of 15 years. Many of these letters still exist in a museum in Illinois, and I've received permission to use them in my book.

I've obtained the relevant pages from the Harlan book for George and his six brothers. I've also located marriage records and census records for him. I know that he moved to Macoupin County, IL, after freeing his slaves. George and his brothers together previously freed two slaves (Nat and Enoch); one of the slaves who was later freed and sent to Liberia (Agnes) was the widow of Enoch.

I am seeking direct descendants of this George Harlan who may have more information on him. Please email Susan Lindsey or call 502-632-2241. Thank you.

Question:R. Dana Pennell

In following up on the email you sent about a Mr. R. Dana Pennell I found these 3 addresses listed for a Dana Pennell.  I went back through all of my old correspondence as the Genealogy Director and did not find anything pertaining to your email. I also spent some time researching Ashland County, OH for the Harlan and Wilson Cemetery.  Although I came up with quite a few references I never actually got a direct "hit" with either James Harlan or the cemetery.  Possibly one of the 3 Danas listed will be who you refer to.  sorry I can't be of more help.
Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

From: imdarlene43@q.com
Sunday, April 08, 2012
Leslie Way Harlan Obit


This Harlan doesn't seem to be related to me but other Harlans could be. His obit was in the Arizona Republic as he died Feb. 29, 2012, Avondale, Az. He was born April 2, 1924 in Globe, Az. to J.Way Harlan and Marie McClellan Harlan. He was preceded in passing by his first wife, Virginia, sister Gloria Peters and brother Archie Harlan. He is survived by his wife of 40 years, Ruth, sons Leslie Thomas (Kathy) Harlan, Jon Scott (Lisa) Harlan and Mark David (Sharon )Nyssen.
Submitted byDarlene Cobb
my Mother was Frances Harlan DeMarco


Thank you for your inquiry.   As Leslie Way Harlan was born in 1924 he would not be included in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family since it was published in 1914.  I did look for the name of J. Way Harlan and found a Way Harlan # 7832 whose father was named J. Comely Harlan #3296 so it is possible that the name came from that origin.  But all this is only speculation.  There is no further record of J. Way Harlan to know if he had a son named Leslie. 

There are also many people with the name Frances Harlan so without further information it would be impossible to try to tie the 2 families together but most likely they have a common ancestor. 

Cynthia Rhoades

Director of Genealogy

April 1, 2012

Hello my name is Lareashia Harlin Jackson

I am curious to find out my name origin.

What I am confused about is Harlan or Harlin family origin is white and my ethnicity is black.

I have limited family members and would like to learn more about my background

I hope you can help with some answers that I have questions about.

Thank You


Normally when one traces their genealogy the best place to begin is with yourself and document your birth, that of your parents, their parents, etc.  Death records are another wonderful resource for genealogical information.  Finally when those sources are exhausted or not available census records can be very helpful. 
While I can't begin to know for sure about your ethnicity I can surmise a few scenarios.  The Harlans came to this country in 1687 as you already know having been to the Harlan website.  Because very few people could actually read and write for many years the spelling of the last name was written as it sounded so that is why you find it spelled with an "a" and an "i".  Many of the Harlans moved south from Pennsylvania in the early years searching for more land and other things.  They continued to keep moving and some began to move back north up through Tennessee, Kentucky into Indiana and Michigan.  Many moved on west also.  People married and began to branch out from their small closely knit groups.  What started out as a Quaker heritage soon became diversified and many other faiths were accepted by our ancestors. 
A number of Harlans have American Indian backgrounds as well as others like you who are black.  Some Harlan descendants haven't been able to trace their lineage due to many unknown factors but we can surmise that location, illness and death, lack of education, etc. may contribute to people not being recorded during the early years of census taking.  There isn't always an obvious answer for our questions.  I wish I could be more helpful.  If I can possibly help get you started feel free to contact me again. 

Cynthia Rhoades

From: Dlweberg@aol.com
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Harlan family tree

My name is Donna Weberg and my great-great-great-great grandfather was Elihu Harlan, born Union Dist. S.C. 3-16-1789.   Died 5-8-1872  Wayne, IN.  I would like to know how I am tied into the 2 past justices of the supreme court.  The John Marshall Harlans.  Thank you.

As in any research is takes a little time to trace your ancestors when there isn't a lot of information available.  But knowing your ancestor was Elihu Harlan, #737, made it even easier for me as I descend from the same line as you do, other than my ancestor was Elihu's brother John.  I had to go back to George, #3, born in 1650, to tie you into any direct relationship with John Marshall Harlan which is another 4 generations back.  So although you can claim to have a very distant relationship to him I would say it's really minimal.  John Marshall Harlan was #2969 in the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family.  The book lists a grandson named John Marshall Harlan as well, but there is no more data on him.  His father was John Maynard Harlan #7398. 

If I can be of any more help feel free to contact me.
Cynthia Rhoades
Director of Genealogy

From: Sherry Hansen
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Viola Mae Harlan the last daughter of Elijah McNeeley (McNeely) Harlan and Jane Combs.  I am looking for any pictures or other genealogy or information on their family.

Viola Married William Harvey Dixon on November 20, 1884 in Sullivan Missouri.

Their Children are Lemon F. Dixon, Hiram Wilbert Dixon, Leo or Lemon Dixon, Daisy G. Dixon, and Eva Dixon, William Earl Dixon and Harvey Glenn Dixon.

My Grandmother was Eva Louella Dixon.  I am looking for anyone who may have stories or pictures.

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