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Eyewitness to the Settlement of the West: Jacob Wright Harlan's California 1846-1888

A new edition of the popular, and previously out-of-print, book by Jacob Wright Harlan is available for purchase. Jacob Wright Harlan's California 1846-1888 is published in its entirety. The book also includes additional information on the Harlan family history. The repackaged book is titled Eyewitness to the Settlement of the West: Jacob Wright Harlan’s California 1846-1888.

Jacob Wright Harlan was born in Wayne County, Indiana, on October 14, 1828, and died on March 7, 1902, in San Leandro, California. During his seven decades of life, Jacob took part in many of the historic events that let to the settlement of the West, including the gold rush and the fight for California independence. He was also a member of the Donner party. His eyewitness accounts of the settlement of the West are an important part of our nation’s history.

The book is being published by Squire Cheyney Books with the cooperation of the Harlan Family in America. Part of the proceeds of each sale of the book through the Harlan family organization will be donated to Harlan Family in America.

The cost of the book is $19.99 and shipping and handling is an additional $3.01 for a total of $23.00. To order copies, include your mailing address and send a check for $23.00 for each book to:

Squire Cheyney Books
P.O. Box 439
Downingtown, PA 19335