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Harlan Family Store

Harlan Family Cookbook Volume II NEW

The second volume of favorite recipes of the Harlan family was released and well received at the national reunion in San Antonio. The book has 626 recipes including this recipe that earned a $20,000 award. It also includes a family history, pictures and descriptions of important sites for the Harlan family through the years, a dedication to Dan Harlan, and Texas Style and Lighter Fare recipes. It also includes a interactive CD for computers with Windows-based operating systems (sorry, it is not compatible with MACs.) The cookbook is priced at $15.00 plus $5.00 for shipping.

To order, contact Dorothy Sperry at 515-292-8456,
dorothysperry@mchsi.com, or
send your check, made out to "The Harlan Family in America" to her at
3230 Kingman Rd., Ames, IA 50014.

"History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family"
Tricentennial Reprint Edition, 1987
by Alpheus H. Harlan

This definitive documentation of Harlan genealogy was first published in 1914 after more that thirty years of research by Mr. Alpheus Harlan. The work contains 1065 pages of material devoted to the Harlans/ Harlands/ Harlins of England and Ireland starting with our earliest known paternal ancestor, James Harland (1), born in about the year 1625. James had three sons, Thomas (2), George (3), and Michael (4). This book documents 9 generations of Harlans descended from George and Michael and some information on Thomas's descendants. When the Harlan Family in America was established to celebrate the tricentennial of George and Michael's arrival in America, the family supported the reprinting of this very valuable work. More of the first portion of the book can be found on the Genealogy page of the Harlan site.

The stock of 1987 Reprint Editions has been sold out so they are currently unavailable.


"Family of Friends" and Friends

In 1987 the talented vocalist and songwriter, Rebecca Gaskill, wrote the hauntingly beautiful song, "A Family of Friends," as a tribute to her mother, Mary Harlan Gaskill, and to her Quaker Harlan heritage. It became the cherished theme song of the Harlan Family in America and has been sung at every major gathering since that time. The title of the song was also chosen to be the Harlan slogan and part of the new Harlan logo.

Now Rebecca is proud to announce that a new arrangement of the song is included in her latest album, "Lifted in Love." This inspirational album contains more of Becky's musical compositions, a few old favorites with a different twist, and a couple of creations by two other great writer/composers. Becky's voice and heart-felt musical interpretations have wowed audiences all around the country. Everyone who has listened to this album says it is truly wonderful. If you like having a time of peaceful prayer and meditation, the three most soothing songs (lasting abut 27 minutes) are conveniently placed at the end as to not interrupt your quiet time by having to turn off the CD/cassette player at its completion. The album itself is about 60 minutes long.

"Lifted in Love" can be purchased for $15 per CD/$10 per cassette. Shipping and handling cost is $3 for 1-2 items and $.50 for each additional item. Send your orders plus check or money order to:

Rebecca Gaskill
8505 Starview Ct.
Sellersburg, IN 47172

Becky also has individual cassettes and sheet music of "A Family of Friends" as well as a successful children's album, "Believing in Yourself," released by Unity School of Christianity. For questions, you may contact Becky at (812) 246-8286 or singout22@hotmail.com.

Miscellaneous Items

Harlan Celebration 310 Video

If you did not order the videotape of Harlan Celebration 310 and would like to, the set may be ordered by sending $50.00 (checks payable to The Harlan Family in America) to:

Ruth Harlan Lamb
4305 S. Bryant Court
Independence, Mo. 64055

Over 500 people attended the reunion which was held  in Mt. Pleasant, IA, July 3 - 6, 1997. The reunion's goal was to plan activities and provide time for people to get to know each other. The video consists of two tapes: the first focuses on the activities and attendees, and you will see the contributions of many "talented Harlan descendants" which made the reunion so successful.  The second tape consists of the Sunday morning church services, the complete presentation of "The Harlan Family in America" by Louis Harlan, and Joe Mauch's portrayal of Senator James Harlan being interviewed. These are excellent videos with high-quality professional editing and a lot of "Harlan music" in the background. The videotapes come in a unique Harlan package and will make an excellent addition to your Harlan History collection. There are only 25 sets available at this time, so don't delay in placing your order.

New edition of Harlan book available for purchase

Sale of Jacob Wright Harlan’s California 1846-1888
benefits Harlan Family in America

A new edition of the popular, and previously out-of-print, book by Jacob Wright Harlan is available for purchase.

Jacob Wright Harlan’s California 1846-1888 is published in its entirety. The book also includes additional information on the Harlan family history. The repackaged book is titled Eyewitness to the Settlement of the West: Jacob Wright Harlan’s California 1846-1888.

Sales of the book benefit the Harlan Family in American organization. The cost of the book is $19.99 and shipping and handling is an additional $3.01 for a total of $23.00. To order copies, include your mailing address and send a check for $23.00 for each book to:

Squire Cheyney Books
P.O. Box 439
Downingtown, PA 19335

The book is being published by Squire Cheyney Books with the cooperation of the Harlan Family in America. Part of the proceeds of each sale of the book through the Harlan family organization will be donated to Harlan Family in America.

Jacob Wright Harlan was born in Wayne County, Indiana, on October 14, 1828, and died on March 7, 1902, in San Leandro, California. During his seven decades of life, Jacob took part in many of the historic events that let to the settlement of the West, including the gold rush and the fight for California independence. He was also a member of the Donner party. His eyewitness accounts of the settlement of the West are an important part of our nation’s history.

Indiana Authors 2007

Byrl Harlan is one of twelve writers selected from 251 submissions.

Byrl took up writing during a three year period of illness. He feels very blessed to be part of the Anthology published by New Century Publishing of Indianapolis. The book is paper back 6 by 9 inches.

The twelve author's works are all different and there is something for everyone included in the book. From the spiritual, to the family reading, extra sensory and even a child's story are included. Several of the authors have had works published before and some have not but were chosen by the publisher for work submitted for review.

The book is called 'INDIANA AUTHORS 2007' sub title 'Twelve Writers From the Heartland.'

My story is called 'The Hidden Creek Ranch'. The hero in my story, Will Davis, who rides a big bull for eight seconds and wins money, 110 acres of land and a new way of life.

You can buy the book through Byrl's website at www.byrlharlanbooks.com.