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Ninety-Plus Club

Congratulations to our honored Ninety-Plus Club Members!

The Officers and Board of Directors of The Harlan Family in America established a Ninety-Plus Club which includes living members of the Harlan/Harland/Harlin family who are 90 years of age or older.

Ninety-Plus Club members are recognized each year with a personalized birthday card. For membership in the Ninety-Plus Club, individuals or their families should send their name, address, date of birth and short bio to Denise Walters at, or at The Harlan family in America, P.O. Box 333, Pleasant Unity, PA 15676. Address changes for members, or death notifications should also be sent to Denise. Updated information help us maintain our records and is greatly appreciated.

john willard ash was born 1916, in Texas, son of John A. Ash and Rachel Harlan Ash. At age four, he left Texas and went to California where he has lived for 90 years. Willard met his late wife, Anna M. Ash, at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, while serving in W.W.II. They were married for 60 years. Willard has two brothers, James Ash, who was a pilot in W.W.II and the Korean War where he was killed, and Warren Ash, a veteran pilot of W.W.II and the Korean War, living in California. He also has one sister, Rae Ash Thompson, a skilled horsewoman living in Washington. He has two sons: Gregory and Kevin, and two daughters: Jane and Corinne, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Willard has always been a big University of Southern California sports fan and sent all four of his children to USC for their education.

charles william burlin, jr ("Bill") was born in Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C, in 1921. His mother, Eva Jane was a Harlan of the Wilmington, DE branch. He lived in the Philadelphia area from 1935-40. During WWII he went to the Naval Academy and then into the war. He served on submarines, was a Navy pilot, and subsequently traveled extensively around the world. He lives now in Massachusetts, and is writing a book on WWII submarines.

mina ruth cummings carter was born in 1926 in Mississippi. She is the daughter of Leonard Cummings St, and Mina Emma Jenkins, and is descended from both George and Michael Harlan. She attended the national Harlan Reunions in 1987 and 1997. She has 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren.

mary ann austin harlan was born in 1930 in Maryland. At age 19 she married Daniel Dunaway Harlan (grandfather Joseph Harlan # 4707) who was the instigator and principal organizer of the first Harlan Reunion in Newcastle, DE in 1987. She has four children and four grandchildren. Mary Ann is a graduate of the University of Maine and spent many years teaching in public schools in Maine, New Mexico and Alaska. She now resides in Maine. Her association with Harlan Reunions continued to 2012 when a memorial service was held for Dan who had died in 2012.

mary louise nash harlan was born in 1929. She is proud to be a member of the Harlan family, according to her daughter Linda, and enjoys receiving the Harlan newsletter. She lives in Georgia.

nancy anderson harlan was born in 1931 in Baltimore, Maryland. She married Enoch Lewis (Skip) Harlan. They met while students at the University of Maryland. Skip earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering along with his ROTC training and was a Lieutenant in the Air Force. Skip and Nancy were stationed in Great Falls, MT. Later, they moved back east to Monkton, Maryland and raised 5 children.

Skip passed to glory in 2008. Their oldest son, Enoch Andrew (Drew) Harlan was killed in a car accident in 1991. Nancy has 39 grandchildren and 108 great-grandchildren (but that number increases frequently). Several family members attended the first national Harlan reunion with Skip and Nancy in 1987, at the Brandywine Museum. Skip cherished their copy of the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by Alpheus Harlan, and they purchased one of the newly printed books for each of their children. Nancy currently lives with her oldest daughter and family in Emmitsburg, MD.

barbara glew haythorn was born in 1918 in Iowa, during the peak of the pneumonia epidemic, and her mother spent 13 weeks in the hospital after contracting pneumonia. Her mother, Mary Harlan (Mamie), is #10037 in Alpheus Harlan's book. Barbara married J. Willis Haythorn, and they lived 32 years in the Chicago area before retiring to North Carolina in 1978. She has two sons and four grandchildren.

mary alice harlan hill was born in 1930 in Arkansas. Her parents were Oley Vincent Harlan and Jessie Mable Nelson. Oley Vincent Harlan's father was Rodulphus Giles Harlan # 2570g-5 in the Green Book. She married Milburn Martin Hill who became a southern Baptist minister. They served churches in Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama until retirement. They had four children, all living on the family farm near Mary now, 7 grandchildren , and 10 great grandchildren.

dolores (dolly) furler mccormack lives in Ontario, Canada. She was born in 1927. No biography was submitted.

lloyd mickelson was born in 1931 and currently lives in Billings, MT.

margaret mignon mcCurdy millin was born in 1932 in Bristow, OK to Jane Perry and William Edward McCurdy. She is descended from George #3, Ezekiel # 5, Ezekiel # 23, Ellis, #121, Ezekiel, Susan Jane Harlan Perry, Sion Perry, Almeda Perry McCurdy. In addition thanks to Emmet Starr's HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS, she traces herself as the 4th great-granddaughter of Nancy Ward and is a 90 year old card carrying member of the Cherokee Nation.

Margaret moved multiple times as a youth and then as a wife to John (Jack) Joseph Millin. She has lived in OK, MO, PA, and GA among many states. In grade school during World War Ii she lived in Oak Ridge, Tn when her father worked on the MANHATTAN PROJECT. Today she makes her home in Florida. Together, she and Jack raised 3 children, and now she can boast of 3 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

margaret harlan olson was born in 1928, in Ohio. She met her husband, Richard, while both were attending George Washington University. Richard worked for the U.S. Department of State and was assigned to embassies abroad for over a decade. After Richard’s untimely death, Margaret became a member of the City Council, served on a YWCA Board, joined a book club, and became an active member of the Alumni Association of one of the colleges she attended. She also was an avid bridge player. She continues to be active. Margaret has three children and three grandchildren who live nearby. She lives in Tennessee.

virginia ritter was born in 1921, in Illinois, and now resides in Arizona. Virginia loves Scrabble and has mastered the list of Qs.

carl armond rodriguez was born in 1933. Carl makes his home in The Lone Star State of Texas. Carl was a boatswain that served in both Korea and Vietnam, being first in the Navy and retiring from the Coast Guard. He is a grandfather of 8, and great grandfather of 2. Up until recently, he was an avid horseman, but still cares for his horses and our longhorns. He is an active Shriner and Mason as well!

retired army brigadier general charles m. scott jr. was born in 1932, and his younger deceased brother, Stephen Harlan Scott (West Point, 1960), are grandsons of Stephen Robert Harlan (#8801). Their mother, Bertha Oleta Harlan Scott was born in 1906 in Pennsylvania, the second daughter and fourth child of Stephen Robert and Irish immigrant Anne Considine Harlan.

elizabeth (liz) reed sly was born in 1929, in Georgia, to Homer Lewis Harlan and Leila Thomason Harlan. Her father's genealogy number from the Alpheus Harlan's Genealogy book is 6283ii. Liz was married to Robert Sly in 1960 and they had three daughters. Liz and Bob became involved in the large Harlan organization about 1990, and she became a Board Member in about 1998 and served until 2012. They are at home in Georgia, having moved there from Charlottesville, VA.

george vernon was born in 1932 in Portland, Oregon. He is descended from Susanna Harlan (page 267 in the Harlan Genealogy book.) Susanna’s daughter, Mary Ann Hammer, married Samuel Ramp in 1850. They crossed the plains in 1863, with a destination of Oregon, where they established themselves in Salem, Oregon. Their progeny is numerous on the Northwest.

George served with the National Guard during the Korean Conflict. He married his childhood sweetheart, and they raised a family of four children. Later he married a second time, and she brought six children to the marriage, of which George adopted four. George and his wife are now approaching their 50th wedding anniversary.

George now has 86 descendants that include 14 great-great grandchildren. His occupation was mostly as an accountant. He attended Colorado Technical University as an online student and received his degree in finance in July 2007 at the age of 75.

opal colleen (strode) young was born in 1929, in Indiana. She is one of 9 children born to Walter Adrian and Grace Manson (Younger ) Strode. After graduating from Frankfort High School in 1950 she worked for Federal Mogal for 30 plus years. She has 3 children, 9 grandchildren, and 36 great grandchildren. She has lived her whole life in Indiana and currently lives in Indiana with her granddaughter and her family.