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Names Upon the Land

"Names Upon the Land" is a database of places which carry the Harlan name. It consists of place names (mainly geographic and political, but also buildings) in the 50 United States. Steve Harrison is maintaining the data and we would like to invite all to submit additions, corrections, or additional information to the sites.

You may provide information to Steve by e-mail or by regular mail to:
Steve Harrison
869 Indian Hill Road
Hendersonville, NC 28791

We want to include history that links a place name to an individual.

Name (feature) County State Location (source/date) History (source/date)
none - AK (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan (historical locale) Clay AL 330712N/0854557W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan School Covington AL 310057N/0862127W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan School Lauderdale AL 344957N/0874058W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Park Assembly of God Church Faulkner AR In town of Conway. -
none - AR (GNIS/2004) -
none - AZ (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Drive Contra Costa ? CA Danville, off Greenbrook Drive and curves around to St. Christopher's Drive. Named for Joel Harlan (#2992) (1828-1875) and his descendents.
Harlan Street Alameda ? CA San Leandro. Runs between San Leandro Boulevard and East 14th Street. ?
Harlan Place (alley) San Francisco CA Off Grant Avenue, just a few blocks north of Union Square. Named for George Harlan (#852) (1802-1850). (San Francisco Street Names by Henry C. Carlisle)
Harlan Cabin (historical) Monterey CA Southwest of Avenal. -
Harlan Hall (building) Marin CA Southeast of San Anselmo. ( -
Harlan Ranch Monterey CA and "Harlan Cabin. -
Harlan Canyon (valley) Riverside CA 333839N/1172245W (GNIS/2004). Near Lakeland Village. -
Harlan Creek San Benito CA 364220N/1212205W (GNIS/2004). South of Hollister. -
Harlan Davis Canyon Siskiyou CA 414041N/1220112W (GNIS/2004). Northeast of Weed. -
Harlan Hill Contra Costa CA 374411N/1215854W (GNIS/2004). West of San Ramon. Named for Joel Harlan (#2992) (1828-1875).
Harlan Ranch Fresno CA 364155N/1190805W (GNIS/2004). Just east of Squaw Valley. -
Harlan Rock (island) Monterey CA 360040N/1213203W (GNIS/2004). On the coast. Possibly named for Wilbur Judson Harlan (not in book)
Harlan Spring Monterey CA 54850N/1202645W (GNIS/2004). Southeast corner of county. See also "Harlan Cabin. -
Harlan Stevens Ditch (canal) Fresno CA 363401N/1194729W (GNIS/2004). South of Easton. -
Mount Harlan San Benito CA 64151N/1212415W (GNIS/2004). South of Hollister. See also "Harlan Creek. -
Harlan Avenue Fresno CA Runs east and west from Highway 41. East Harlan Ave. end just NE of Laton. West Harlan Ave. end I-5. Elisha Harlan (#2995) (1838-1919) homesteaded just NE of Riverdale. Between S. Fruit Ave. and S. Marks Ave.
Harlan Road San Joaquin CA S. Harlan Road runs south from French Camp to Lathrop. Probably named for Jacob Wright Harlan (#2984) (1828-1902) who owned the ferry on the San Joanquin River south of Stockton during the 1850's.
Harlan Ditch (canal) Park CO 391849N/1055105W (GNSI 2004) -
Harlan Gulch (valley) Larimer CO 403749N/1052151W (GNIS 2004) -
Harland Cabin (locale) Moffat CO 402623N/1090102W (GNIS 2004) -
none - CT (GNIS/2004) -
none - CT (GNIS/2004) -
none - DC (GNIS/2004) -
David W. Harlan Elementary School New Castle DE 394546N/0753149W (GNIS 2004) Possibly named for David Wilson Harlan (#9228) (1835-1900) who taught school in Wilmington.
Lake Harlan Volusia FL 285850N/0811334W (GNIS 2004) -
none - GA (GNIS/2004) -
none - HI (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Cemetery Butler IA 424559N/0930052W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Junction Pottawattamie IA 412953N/0952148W (GNIS 2004). Near Avoca. -
Harlan School Story IA 420118N/0933918W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Shelby IA 413911N/095193W (GNIS 2004). Population 5148 (1990). Harlan has been county seat since 1859. Named in honor of Senator James Harlan (#2297) (1820-1899).
Harlan Trailer Court Shelby IA In town of Harlan. ( -
Harlan Cemetery Butler IA Northwest of Dumont. -
Harlan Rogers Park Webster IA North of Fort Dodge. -
Harlan School Fayette IA North edge of Oelwein. -
Harlan (township) Fayette IA Near Maynard. -
Harlan (township) Page IA Southwest of Clarinda. -
Harland Park Palo Alto IA Northwest side of Emmetsburg. -
Harlan-Lincoln House (building) Henry IA Town of Mount Pleasant. Home of U.S. Senator James Harlan. (Harlan Family web site.)
Harlan Township Shelby IA - Township constituted September 3, 1860. The county seat, Harlan, is within township.
Harlan Creek Clearwater ID 464537N/1154134W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Creek Custer ID 443330N/1150656W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Creek Idaho ID 453106N/1151525W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Meadows Idaho ID 452904N/1151354W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan High School Cook IL 414305N/0873716W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Hall (building) Clark IL Town of Marshall. Howard Harlan (#5737) (1832-?) built the building that is on the National Register of Historic Places. (Harlan Family web site.)
Harlan Church Hancock IN 395459N/0853651W (GNIS 2004). North of Shirley. -
Harlan Run Hancock IN 395440N/0853726W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Allen IN 411146N/0845511W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlansburg Huntington IN 404852N/0853352W (GNIS 2004) -
Harrison-Harlan Ditch Howard IN 403127N/0861247W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Cemetery Allen IN (old) east of Harlan and "Harlan Memorial Cemetery (new) southwest of Harlan. -
Harlan County Lake Phillips KS 395949N/0992059W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Smith KS 393620N/0984600W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan (township) Decatur KS Northeast of Oberlin. -
Harlan (township) Smith KS Southeast of Gaylord. -
Harlan Branch (stream) Owsley KY 372115N/0834412W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Crossroads (road) Monroe KY 363911N/0854214W (GNIS 2004) Also known as KY 1860.
Harlan Gas Harlan KY 365102N/0831818W (GNIS 2004). Just northwest of Harlan. -
Harlan (town) Harlan KY 365035N/0831919W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Road Bell KY 364451N/0834133W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) Also known as US 119.
Capp Harlan Road Monroe KY 364212N/0854058W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Avenue Daviess KY 374515N/0870826W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlans Lane (road) Hart KY 371827N/0855722W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Avenue (road) Harlan KY 365030N/0831921W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Avenue (road) Jefferson KY 381205N/0854546W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Gas Road (road) Harlan KY 365103N/0831809W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Jones Road (road) Henry KY 383258N/0851228W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Street (road) Boyd KY 382808N/0823910W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Street (road) Grant KY 384652N/0843617W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Street (road) Harlan KY 365147N/0831140W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Street (road) Knox KY 365742N/0840417W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan-Allen Road (road) Breckinridge KY 375358N/0862116W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan-Clover Fork Road Harlan KY 365115N/0831759W (Kentury Atlas and Gazetter on the Internet, 2005) -
Harlan Crossroads (place?) Monroe KY 363911N/0854214W (GNIS 2004). Near Tompkinsville. -
Harlan County Harlan KY - Population 36,574 (1990)
Harlands Bayou Avoyelles LA 305700N/0914928W (GNIS 2004) -
none - MA (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Square (subdivision) Harford MD Near Bel Air. ( -
Harlan Cemetery Frederick MD Near Woodsboro. -
Harlan-Wilson Mill (historical) Cecil MD - -
none - MD (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Swamp Cumberland ME 440721N/0703322W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Cemetery Manistee MI 442712N/0854919W (GNIS 2004). Northwest of Mesick. -
Harlan Drain Sanilac MI 431949N/0824212W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan School Oakland MI 423412N/0831229W (GNIS 2004). Northeast of Birmingham. -
Harlan Wexford MI 442725N/0854910W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Lake Cass MN 462200N/0943029W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Branch (stream) Cooper MO 384355N/0930040W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Cemetery Clinton MO 394013N/0941647W (GNIS 2004). Southwest of Cameron. -
Harlan School (abandoned) Moniteau MO 383758N/0922920W (GNIS 2004). East of California. -
Harlan School (historical) Sullivan MO 401937N/0925449W (GNIS 2004). Northeast of Green City. -
Harlan Junction Saint Clair MO - -
Harlan Stump Dam Lawrence MO Southwest of Lockwood. -
Harlin House (building) Ozark MO Town of Gainesville. John c. Harlin built the house that is now being restored. (Harlan Family web site.)
Harlan (historical) Noxubee MS 330534N/0882500W (GNIS 2004). Near McLeod. -
Harlan Post Office (historical) Noxubee MS (GNIS 2004) Post office from 1883-1899.
Harland Cemetery Carroll MS 332338N/0900103W (GNIS 2004). Southeast of Greenwood. -
Harland Creek Church Holmes MS 325936N/0900930W (GNIS 2004). Northwest of Pickens. -
Harland Creek Holmes MS 330648N/0901029W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlands Creek Cemetery Holmes MS 25938N/0900933W (GNIS 2004). Northwest of Pickens. See "Harland Creek Church. -
Harlan Creek Ravalli MT 460617N/1141103W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Point Ravalli MT Northeast of Darby. -
Harlands Creek Chatham NC 353934N/0791516W (GNIS 2004) -
none   ND (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan County Dam Harlan NE 400415N/0991239W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan County Lake (reservoir) Harlan NE 400400N/0991245W (GNIS 2004). Fed by Sappa Creek and Prairie Creek. -
Harlan County Harlan NE On state line with Kansas. Population 3,810 (1990)
Harlan Post Office (historical) Custer NE - -
Harlan Post Office (historical) Cherry NE - -
Harlan Reservoir Lancaster NE North of Hickman. -
none - NH (GNIS/2004) -
none - NJ (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Ditch (canal) Valencia NM 344633N/1064445W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Lateral (canal) Valencia NM 344426N/1064531W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Tank Lincoln NM 332342N/1053410W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Trail Camp Colfax NM 363056N/1050036W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Vigil (locale) Harding NM - -
Harlans Peak Esmeralda NV 373059N/1173845W (GNIS 2004). Southern part of county perhaps near Lida or Gold Point. -
none - NY (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Butlerville School Warren OH 391822N/0840508W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Park Butler OH 393140N/0842315W (GNIS 2004). Near Middletown. -
Harlans Run Warren OH 392738N/0840126W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Cemetery Ashland OH 404428N/0821903W. Southwest of Hayesville. -
Harlan Township Warren OH Southeast of Morrow. -
Harlan Township Washington OH ? -
Harland Post Office (historical) Ottawa OK - -
none - OK (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan (village) Lincoln OR 4433224N/1234131W (GNIS 2004) Named for James R. Harlan, the first postmaster, in around 1890.
Harlan Cemetery Lincoln OR 443220N/1234105W (GNIS 2004). Town of Harlan. -
Harlan Creek Douglas OR 435112N/1235505W (GNIS 2004) -
Harland Slough Polk OR 445716N/1231455W (GNIS 2005) -
Harlan Post Office (historical) Lincoln OR Town of Harlan. -
Harlan Clarion PA 410756N/0791249W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlansburg Lawrence PA 410127N/0801120W (GNIS 2004) -
none - RI (GNIS/2004) -
none - SC (GNIS/2004) -
none - SD (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Bend Maury TN 353959N/0871616W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Branch (stream) Maury TN 353730N/0871319W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Kelley Mine Maury TN 354002N/0870800W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Knobs (ridge) Hawkins TN 362734N/0825801W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Mountain Monroe TN 352636N/0841324W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlan Tank Farm Nueces TX 274106N/0974958W (GNIS 2004) -
Harland Canyon Val Verde TX 295857N/1011024W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlandale Creek Bexar TX 292013N/0982853W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlandale High School Bexar TX 292153N/0983006W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlandale Junior High School Bexar TX 292150N/0982953W (GNIS 2004) -
Harlandale Park Bexar TX 292116N/0982942W (GNIS 2004) -
none - UT (GNIS/2004) -
none - VA (GNIS/2004) -
none - VT (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Creek King WA 474636N/1211810W (GNIS/2004) -
none - WI (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Iron Springs Tucker WV Southwest of Parsons. -
Harlan Run (stream) Berkeley WV 393510N/0775656W (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Spring (spring) Berkeley WV 393257N/0775719W (GNIS/2004) -
Harland Cemetery Wetzel WV 394004N/0804032W (GNIS/2004) -
Harland Ridge Wetzel WV 394016N/0803941W (GNIS/2004) -
Harlan Post Office (historical) Doddridge WV - -
Harland Ford Morgan WV East of Paw Paw. -
Harland Ridge Wetzel WV East of New Martinsville. -
Harland Flat Converse WY 431230N/1054156W (GNIS/2004) -